Saturday, July 10, 2010

Develop Your Gifts (Talents)

Good Evening to All!

Before Getting into this Post, let me differentiate the post of Last night and the post tonight.
Last night’s post was on the “actual” gifts of the Spirit which were given to us after Pentecost, and receiving the Holy Ghost. These gifts are not dependent on our “practicing” or skills. They are God working through us, and He doesn’t need practice of course. Tonight’s “gifts” are what I consider “God-given talents which we can “develop and get better at through our practicing.
As women, often we find ourselves facing a career choice at midlife. Whether it’s because of a newly emptied nest, or other life-changing circumstances, the question is the same: “What will I do?”

Todays Seed: “We have different gifts, according to the grace given us.”
Romans 12:6

The will of God is identical for all believers in respect to holiness of life and completeness of dedication, but when it comes to our individual service in the church, it’s a different story. Each of us has one or two spiritual gifts given to us by the grace of God. Unfortunately, we are often not aware of them, and so we haven’t exercised them. We can get discouraged and think that we’re too old or it’s too late to develop them.

If we know our spiritual gift, we can be tempted to think we are better than others. Paul recognized how easily the possession of a particular gift could lead to pride. He cautioned believers to be humble and to keep from thinking one gift was better than another. Just as our body needs every part to function effectively, so the church needs all types of gifts to be healthy. Paul’s goal in writing the above seed was to encourage Christians to use their gifts to the utmost in humility.

When Paul was asked if there was some gauge for measuring a person’s position with regard to her gifts, he answered, “Yes, your faith.” It is our measure of faith that determines the value of our gifts.

Weed & Water: To discover your gift, find the common gift in the following three areas: (1) Make a list of the gifts you desire, (2) ask those who know you well to help you identify your gifts; and (3) consider your past volunteer experiences and the comments from others about what you did. Were you successful at teaching three-year-olds in Sunday school? Or did you do a great job organizing the last fund-raiser? If you are still unsure, get involved in a new activity at church to try out new skills or to test the gift you think you have.

Sprout & Scatter: when we exercise our gifts, God’s grace is dispensed to others. Encouragers lift up others. The merciful care for others, and teachers enlighten others. Whatever your gift, God has designed it to benefit others. Listen to your heart, and let God guide you to the best ministry for your gift.

Think about it: What gift or gifts do you desire or need to develop?
If the church is a body and your gift is lacking, how might the body be disabled?

Prayer Pot: Lord, help me to focus on my gift, and not be distracted by….(Insert your thoughts).

Take-Away Ideas: “God has created us with a tremendous drive to survive and a capability to succeed to the level of our God-given gifts or (talents).”
--Marilyn Meberg

Good Night to All and May God Bless!

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