Friday, September 25, 2009

Fitness and Fun!

Hi Everyone!

I know y'all have heard Lynette and me talk about "Curves" a lot, and you would be surprised at the people who know that "Curves" is a Fitness Center, but don't really know what it's all about.

It is made up of a circuit. A determined number of hydraulic machines (Comanche has thirteen)with recovery stations in between. The amount of machines vary from "Curves to Curves, depending on the size of the business and decision of the owner. At the Comanche Curves, we have a total of 13 machines and as many recovery stations.

You spend 30 seconds on a machine, then one and a half minutes on the recovery station doing some sort of cardio such as knee bends, hopping from side to side, and so on. Some women just like to march or walk in place, while others run in place or skip. You definitely get a good work-out.

Not only that, but we have lots of fun. I view it not only as a "work-out", but a social event also, because living in the country, I don't see many people. My husband is not one for going visiting or having visitors so my only outlet is either church, cleaning houses, or Curves. We have games which we play each week and win "Curve Bucks" which we can spend on merchandise of all sorts. It really neat. We can buy anything from "Curves Tee-shirts, work-out shorts, "cereal-on-the-go containers, protein shake makers, just all kinds of things. I would highly recommend "Curves to anyone who is interested in getting fit or losing weight. We are also have free" weight management classes. Well, enough about "Curves". I can't say enough good about it
Well, I was trying to get to bed at a decent hour because I have to get up early tomorrow and help at Comanche's Annual Pow-Wow. For those of you unfamiliar, it is similar to what I would call a "county fair with out the rides. It features vendors from all over the area. It has Arts and Crafts and lots of Food Vendors.

One of the more popular events is the Antique Car Show. This event also has people who come from all over to enter their "special cars" .

I can't forget about our "special" Indian Dancers". They add a special something to this Pow-Wow.

We also have live bands playing music most of the time if not all. Needless to say, this is a Very Special Event for our town and for the individual people who enter different events such as the cook-off contests and others, and the organizations of our fair community-at-large.

It is a two day event and is very popular to the surrounding area and even farther. If any of live fairly close to Comanche, I would urge you to come and visit.

Well, Good night all!

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see you @ the pow wow

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