Sunday, September 27, 2009

Interesting or Not Interesting, That is the Question

Hi Y'all!

I really like the Bible verse on the top of this post. It is subtally telling each one of us that we need to get in tune with God more. We cannot know or understand what God is trying to tell us in His written Word, unless we are in tune with Him, and to do that we must pray and talk to Him. I find that if I pray and ask Him to open my understanding of His Word before I read my Bible, I understand it a lot more clearly than if I don't pray. I tested that theory. I've done it both ways. I gather a deeper understanding and meaning of what I read, if I pray. Its like He's talking to me in comparison to just reading words on a page. I hope if you haven't ever thought about this, you will give it an honest try.

I'm afraid this is going to be a pretty sad post tonight. Nothing much has happened, and I didn't receive any interesting or informative e-mails today.

I spent from 9:30 am until noon at church, drove home changed clothes and headed out to the Pow-Wow. I worked there until about 4;30 and came home.

So much for my day.

Tomorrow will be more of the same excitement. Although, at least I will get some enjoyment and a good work-out at Curves, then its off to clean a house.

We will be going to Branson probably around the middle of October, so I am looking forward to having something interesting to talk about when we get home.

It really makes it hard to keep things interesting with no children or no "causes". I used to teach literacy and ESL to adults as a volunteer, but I live so far out of the city limits the people who would more than likely be interested can't come out this far. We are talking about starting something like that at our church though. That would really be great. I miss doing it.

Well, (I know my mom always told me that's a deep wet subject) I guess I'd better call it a night as nothing of interest is popping into my brain and I've got to get an early start.

Good night all, and GOD BLESS!


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