Friday, October 16, 2009

"Fat Tax" for A Fat Government

Good Evening to All

Ok, so I'm on another tare. I read an article of an Associated Content Producer of whom I am a " follower". She had written an article about the government wanting to impose a "Fat Tax". I did some more research on the Web, and the more I read, the more aggravated I became.

It sounds like the government and insurance companies are just wanting to profit of of the American people's "bad habits". Yes, I will be the first one to say we need to eat healthier, me especially. I am about 40 pounds heavier than what I would like to be. My downfall is Mexican food and soda pops. (even Coke Zero because of the sodium level). Not only that, I am diabetic. This said, I might could sort of go along with it except for the fact that I think they are just trying to find a new way to make money off of us. They tax gasoline so high people can barely afford to drive anywhere unless they have an economical car, which are now outrageously priced, they tax cigarettes to the point of hardly being able to buy them, now they want to tax "unhealthy foods". The only thing that I can think of at this moment that is still being affordable is alcohol. Now let me understand...cigarettes you want to ban and price sky-high because they're bad for us, and can cause "second-hand smoke. Unhealthy foods you want to tax because "they're bad for us " and cause the insurance and medical premiums to rise. Alcohol is not being affected causes Cirrhosis of the Liver (death), vehicle accidents (sometimes deaths to drinkers and others), loss of jobs, break-down of the family units and many other problems, but it does bring in high revenues for the government.

To all of those people who are keeping up with signs of the times and Biblical events, the Bible talks about a World Religion and a World Bank, the idea of a World Health Organization (WHO) makes me nervous. That's just me talkin'.

Ok back on track. The insurance companies want to charge higher premiums to excuse the term "fat people" (their term not mine). Yes, there is a chance that larger people could have heart attack, but my husband wasn't very big and he had one, so that shouldn't be the basis of a larger premium. If they start charging higher premiums for "every little thing" no one, and I mean no one will be able to afford health insurance. They already categorize by age, whether you smoke, if you're predisposed to certain diseases, if you've got certain conditions, I wouldn't be at all surprised if they didn't have a category for men or women, (I think they do, but I'm not sure). They're gonna get you no matter what.

That was just one side of my problem with this subject. Another is the fact that by attempting this, they are trying to take away our rights as human beings to think for ourselves. I get rather touchy when I feel that my rights, or rights of those I care about are being violated. I know that these are unhealthy practices that I'm discussing, but at the same time, it is my husband's "right" to smoke (he's 62 fought in Viet Nam so some of these politicians could sit up there and make these "laws"and I think that's old enough to decide whether he can smoke and eat what and where-ever he wants to ) as long as it doesn't violate anyone else's rights. It should be my right to eat whatever I please, as it doesn't hurt anyone but myself health-wise, and I know that last statement could get a lot of feed back, so I'll leave it at that.

All I'm saying is that what we eat should be our decision alone to make. Food shouldn't be held back from us like candy kept from a child before supper. The government and "it's businesses" should take a step back. You know something else? Whatever happened to voting about things? There are things that we as American people should have the right to vote on before these "politicians" take it "upon themselves" to say what they think we want. Well, I've gotten a lot off of my chest tonight. I hope it made sense to y'all. When I get worked up about something, I tend to start spouting off without thinking about "the right way to say it". I don't know what we can do about stopping this so-called preventative strategies. Which in actuality is keeping us "be we fat or skinny" from eating the things we enjoy. Also, having a minimum purchase age for designated foods, zoning for restaurants and stocking certain foods behind the counter along with the cigarettes and pornography.

I, personally think they are going a little bit to far for my comfort. What do you think?

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Good Night All, and May God Bless.



Anonymous said...

Anyone can have a heart attack.

I read recently that were cigarettes to be introduced today they would be illegal.

My cousin lost 40 pounds simply by cutting out soda from her diet.

Angela said...

I'm Canadian. I live in Ontario. Believe it or not we pay 13% tax on pretty much EVERYTHING.Our gas prices, oh my..girl you would flip..let's say it's about 6 to 7 dollars MORE than what the Americans are paying for a gallon.

What Yaya mentioned about cigarettes being illegal? Here in Canada, we are not allowed to smoke in any public place, nor in our cars if we have children. All stores that sell cigarettes MUST hide them behind these metal shelf covers (not to promote smoking to young children visually). It seems like they want to get rid of all cigarettes, BUT in actuality, the government is making a killing from the taxes they get from cigarettes.

Oh I could just go on and on..It's ridiculous isn't it? How we need SO much prayers for our nations....God save us from ourselves!!

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