Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fulfilling Evening

Good Evening to All!

I'm getting a late start on my blog tonight. Other than starting my day at Curves, and smashing cans,
( I collect cans as a personal project and give the money to the Foreign Missions through my church) I have spent the majority of the afternoon on Facebook conversing with friends whom I haven't seen in close to 35 or 40 years , and also I decided to check out the Pentecostals of Facebook Page. I should have known better, cause there's no such thing as me "just reading", I have to get into the discussions. We were in a pretty in-depth one, so I had a lot to say, (sometimes that's not so good, for me).

Then I thought to myself, "check your e-mail", then start on your blog. Well.... I checked the e-mail, and naturally I couldn't resist opening them, I had about 8. Anyway, I finally made it back to my blog.

I just Love verses like the one heading up my blog tonight. It leaves no room for
"interpretation". It says what it means. That's is, I have to say, one of my pet
peeves. When people start talking about "different interpretations of the scriptures." In my eyes, there are not different "interpretations", just different levels of what God shows you. I pray every time before I read my Bible for God to open my heart and my eyes to what He wants me to see and that the Holy Spirit would lead me into all truth. What is neat, is every time I read, my eyes are opened a little wider and I get a deeper meaning of the same scriptures. Not a different meaning, a deeper meaning. If it were left to "interpretations" they wouldn't change. You would get the same out of the scriptures every time. Now, I am no scholar, I am not a preacher. I just feel what I am writing tonight "in the Holy Ghost". Y'all know that I usually start my posts off with a Devotional, or Bible Seeds. Something from a book. Tonight, this has been all me, (and God) no books involved. My thoughts are flowing as fast as I can type. That is why I know that it is not me that is composing this. I believe it is "God inspired." People use the word interpretation because it sounds better than "my idea is", or "I think it means this." Why is it so hard for people to take God at His Word? When He says to present your body as a living sacrifice, He's talking about treating your body well, keeping it healthy, and undefiled, just as the He required of the Old Testament sacrificial animals. Another self explanatory scripture, is Acts 2:38; Repent and be baptised everyone of you in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. A simple stated plan of Salvation. Of course, there is more to that story, but it's laid out in the scripture just as plain as this one. People try to make God's Word seem so much more complex than it really is. Ok, enough. I know that's probably what y'all are thinking. I just felt an urgency to tell someone out there in blog land this message. Don't make reading God's Word and living for God seem so hard. It's really not. I have never felt so much more at peace with myself and my surroundings as I have since I began living for God. Knowing that I can cast my cares upon Him is a tremendous weight-lifting experience. All I have to do is ask Him to help me with this or that, and He does. Most of the time it isn't even in a "formal" prayer. I just talk to Him like I would talk to a friend or neighbor. He answers me every time. Granted, the answer may be no, or wait on "My time", or you're not ready yet, but He does answer. We just have to listen to that still, small voice.

Let me say that I am so glad that Lynette and Nessa got me involved in doing this. I feel so rejuvenated. I feel useful again. Which I have to say it's been a while since I felt that way up until I started doing this. For one thing I wasn't able to work at a regular job, because of my husband's VA Disability status, so I felt useless in that respect, as I have always had a job. I'm not good as a speaker or witnessing to people in person because I get really nervous and forget my train of thought. Since I've been in Comanche and started attending this church, I have felt so alive in God that I want to go out and tell everyone I see about Him, but then when I try, I get all nervous and tongue-tied and that's not a good thing because it definitely does not show confidence. I have confidence in God and His Word, just not in my ability to bring it forth. Then again, if I would leave it to the Lord, He would bring it out regardless of my shortcomings. Anyway, this blog has been a true blessing. So I want to thank Lynette and Nessa and also the sweet people who have chosen to follow me. I hope you will continue to do so and not get bored. Of course, in my eyes, talking about the Lord is never boring, but that's my opinion. I want to keep your interest peaked also. Thanks again.

Good Night All and May God Bless!


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Anonymous said...

Yay for feeling rejuvenated!

Nessa said...

Glad you are feeling rejuvenated! And I agree with you, talking about the Lord is never boring. Glad your blog is making a difference to you.

Lynette said...

gosh i miss being here and yacking wity ya

btw i have some cans lots of them at my house if you want them

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