Thursday, November 19, 2009

Howdy From Branson!

Hey Everybody from Branson Missouri!

This is a "lousy picture I took of the entrance of the Roy Rogers' Museum and Theater. I've about decided to leave the photography up to hubby and just mooch off his computer pictures.
We've has a FULL 3 days! We left Tuesday morning, spent the night in Oklahoma, and drove on in to Branson yesterday. We had a time getting here (navigationally) so it was after dark when we arrived. We were so worn out, we just found a place to eat and then crashed. Today has been quite full. We started out at 9 this morning. We went to breakfast, then went to see the Roy Rogers Museum and Dusty Rogers show (his son). It was great. After that, we went to a place called the Butterfly Palace. If you can't tell, I love butterflies. Anyway, it was really cool too. It was a "rain forest, with over 1000 different species of butterflies that were flying around freely. one even landed on my hubby's shoulder when he was taking pictures. It was beautiful. They even had a live model, painted white and dressed up like an angel moving just ever once in a while. I don't see how she did it. Tonight we went to see the Trail of Christmas lights. I'm bushed ! Tomorrow, our day starts as we go to Silver Dollar City, then tomorrow night, we go to see Andy Williams' Christmas Show. The next day is Silver Dollar city again, because we've been told you can't get through the whole thing in one day. Then it's to the RFD Theater to see some of the "older country & Western stars like Whispering Bill Anderson, Lynn Anderson, Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius, and a bunch more. Anyway, I hope to have lots of pictures by the time we're finished. Thank goodness it's easier to upload pics on here than it is on Facebook! I've been having trouble with that since last night. Well, Guess I'll close for now and write more tomorrow, (if I can see straight as tired as I am and will be). The statue of the horse is of Trigger, of course, and the picture on the lower left is Dusty Rogers on stage singing. It was an excellent show. Afterward, the band came out and had pictures made with all of us. I'll be putting that one up when we get home. I've got to get it from Don. Anyway, for a couple of "old folks" we're having a great time. I had to laugh when I said that cause I got a senior citizen's discount at IHOP today. I don't mind being considered "old" if it means saving money!

I wanted to put some other pictures in here but Zemanta didn't load for some reason.
Good Night and May God Bless!

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Lynette said...

glad your having a great vacation
it is worth the time away to see new and come home with all the lovely memories

Anonymous said...

How FUN!!!!!

Cathy said...

Sounds like so much fun. One of these days hubby and I plan to go.

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