Saturday, December 12, 2009

All I see is Red

Good Evening all!

I hope this blog makes it in time. I have been trying to join McKlinky Blog Hop, but haven't been able to figure out how. I'm not very computer literate, you see. Anyway, I'm gonna try: This post was supposed to go along with Yaya's Orange You Glad It's Saturday, revealing our favorite color, but needless to say, I didn't make it.

One of my many favorite colors is red. Of course I really love every color in the rainbow, but it seems I have more red to be able to grab hold of and take pictures of. Incidentally, tell me if you see another pattern trying to start here, other than color.

My hubby and I won this at our Church Valentine Banquet.

My hubby bought "Wild Thing" for me for Valentine's Day.
He bought this bear for himself, which sings "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas.

Let Me introduce you to "Surf City Rooster". My hubby bought him for me "just cuz."
Brandy the pup was given to me by a student of mine when I volunteered teaching literacy. ( I named it that because it reminded me of a spaniel I had years ago.)

Now that you've seen my "kid at heart" side, I
guess I ought to include a couple of "mature items."

I know there's no gifts. Since it's just us two, we're saving up for a nice vacation in February to get away from the cold weather and arthritis pain. We'll probably get each other an inexpensive gift just for the sake of the holiday, that and EAT! Anyway, that's ironic, talking about being a kid at heart and arthritis pain a sentence apart! Ha.

These Artificial roses were given to me by my mother-in-law because every time I have been given any type of real flowers they die. Yes, as bad as I hate to admit it, I'm a plant and flower murderer. I even killed a cactus.

Anyway, here you have it. Too late for the Blog Hop, I never did figure out how to set that up anyway, but at least I feel like I participated in something.

By the way, Rocio, if you visit, I wasn't trying to copy your color, we have a lot in common, my favorite color is lime, or mint green and it seems like I have mostly red stuff. Go figure. Besides that, your pictures are much better. They look so professional. My hubby is the photog in our family. I just use a little digital camera with a built in flash. I bought him a more expensive digital, but he's Wanting one of those High Dollar cameras with the telescopic Zoom lens and all that stuff. I have a sneaking suspicion if he gets that it will be out of his own deep pockets. I don't make that much in a month, cleaning houses now. He wanted me to cut down so we could go on trips more often.

I hope y'all liked my pictures, for the young at heart. Tomorrow I will get back to my regular posts with my Devotional and Bible Seeds.

Good Night to All and May God Bless.


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Just Joany said...

Good luck with figuring out McKlinky. I'm also trying to figure it out, so if you do before me, tell me how its done, okay? Thanks.

~ Just Joany
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PJ said...
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