Monday, December 14, 2009

It's All Christmas-

Good Evening One and All!

First, let me say that this is my 1st Blog Hop so I'm really flying blind here. Once I get the post done, I really don't know what I'm supposed to do, so I hope you will bear with me. As I have seen in post after post, the photography is gorgeous, and looks professional. Mine on the other hand is "lacking" in every aspect, so I really feel ashamed to post these pictures. Please consider the source. I consider myself a "Prayer Warrior" and definitely not a photographer. I hope that my photos will get better and better as time goes on, but until then, thank you for "reading behind the photos."

I was suprised, no, shocked when I went searching for Christmas pictures to include on this post. I found a few from a lifetime ago, as well as a previous marriage, one from when my husband now and I had only been married a couple of years, and the rest are from this year alone. I guess we aren't the picture taking kind, at least until now.

When this picture was taken, I was in my late twenties in a family of four. My ex-husband, my stepson, myself and our cocker spaniel. I chose not to include any of my ex-stepson, as I deem it inappropriate since I am remarried with no ties to that family.
Brandi our dog, looked forward to her Christmas presents, just like my previous stepson.

In the picture below, as you can see, our whole family was very
appreciative of the gifts they received. She was a very loveable dog.

In the lower picture, you see the second Christmas I had with my
"new" family. This was taken in 1988.

This picture below is of one of the exhibits in on the
Trail of Lights in Branson Missouri a few weeks ago. There were getting ready for their Christmas Season.

The next couple of pictures are of an event that I never dreamed could happen, and it was the best Christmas eventwise I've had since my mom passed in 1968. While in Branson, we got to see Andy Williams Christmas show. I'm sure many of you my age and older remember his variety shows on tv. This was just like it. The memories of mom and I sitting in front of the tv and watching it came flooding back! Wow! I couldn't ask for a better Christmas gift!

The next picture is of one of the acts. The Sugar Cookie dancers. I can't remember their actual names.

As you can see, I'm not a very good photographer, nor am I very good at arranging or formatting photos. I hope you will bear with me as I learn.

Thank you.

Good Night All and May God Bless!


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