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Bible Challenge - Animals

Good Evening to All!

Yes, yes, I know! You've all been sitting on pins and needles waiting for Sunday to arrive with your new Bible Challenge. I'm sure you've all been studying your heads off just so you can say, "I aced PJ's Bible Challenge! NOT! Anyway, Here goes! The answers can be found in the scripture provided at the end of each question. I will give the answers in tomorrows post. This week's challenge is about:

Animals Part I

1. God substituted this sacrificial animal for Isaac after Abraham passed his test of faith. (Gen. 22:13)

a) goat
b) ram
c) calf
d) pig

2. What kind of animals gave Pharaoh a troubled night's sleep? (Gen. 41:1-4)
a) lions
b) swine
c) snakes
d) cows

3. When they marched up into the hills, the Israelites were set upon by the Amorites, who chased them like ______________. (Deut. 1:44)
a) leopards
b) horse flies
c) bees
d) gazelles

4. Why did Samson torch the tails of 300 foxes? (Judges 15:4-5)
a) to destroy the Philistines' crops
b) to create a smoke screen for his escape from captivity
c) to flaunt his power
d) as a sign of God's anger

5. God sent______________to feed Elijah, who was in hiding east of the Jordan.
(1 Kings 17:2-6)
a) doves
b) sparrows
c) ravens
d) crows

6. Because the children of Bethel mocked bald-headed Elisha, they were attacked by________.
(2 Kings 2:23-24)
a) female wolves
b) female bears
c) male lions
d) crows

7. What kind of sea creature swallowed Jonah? (Jonah 1:17)
a) whale
b) shark
c) dolphin
d) great fish

8. The Lord used an angel and a ________ to get the soothsayer Balaam's attention.
(Num. 22:22-31)

a) donkey
b) dove
c) leopard
d) turtle

9. Jesus overturned the chairs of merchants selling____________in the temple.
(Matt. 21:12-13)
a) lambs
b) doves
c) goats
d) rats

10. Revelation predicts an end times plague of ___________that will last five months.
(Rev. 9:3-11)
a) ants
b) locusts
c) beetles
d) crabs

As Before, the answers will be in tomorrow's post. I hope being given the scriptures will encourage you to take part and see how much you can recall. Apparently there are a lot of animals in the Bible. Next weeks Challenge will be on Animals Part 2.

I hope y'all enjoy these little Challenges as much as I do. I don't think there's such thing as learning too much or should I say recalling. I'm sure that most if not all have had some amount of Bible teachings at one time or another, but if you are like I am, unless it is completely pertinent at the time, such as a predicament or crisis I'm going through,or a little trick for the memory, it tend to forget it pretty quick.

Good Night and May God Bless!

Love & Prayers,


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Just Joany said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this and learned that I know less than I thought I did. After answering each question and making note of my answers, I looked up and studied each Scripture reference.

I did have to figure out what Kine was and it was not what I thought. I was also suprised to realize that it does not say that Jonah was swallowed by a whale. That's all I'll say, as I wouldn't want to ruin it for anyone else.

I do want you to know that I hope you will be posting more of these. I did a lot of Scripture chasing and learning as a result of your game. Just one question; when do we get to see part 2?

~ Just Joany
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