Thursday, January 21, 2010

Facelifts, Good or Bad?

Good Evening to All!

Let me apologize first and foremost for allowing my carnal side to take over tonight. For some reason, most of the day today, and tonight I have been thinking about Entertainers and Face lifts. Maybe it's just me, but I consider it as kind of an oxymoron. They go to all the pain and trouble to make themselves "look better" or younger, and end up looking like they've been one of those amusement rides going 1000 g's. You know where the mouth goes from under one ear all the way to the other side under the other ear? Where it looks like they've been wrapped in cellophane, or a nylon stocking?I always used to think that Gary Busey was pretty good looking, but now he looks like he has tooth picks holding his eyes wide open! What cracked me up about this picture is that the caption in the website where I found it only mentioned his teeth. Boy did they miss the mark. There are so many pictures I would like to post, but this post would end up being miles long. The most notable being Joan Rivers, Michael Jackson, just a menagerie of stars that I think could have made it even if they were showing a little age. Personally, I think some people get better with age. My dreamboat Sean Connery for example! I thought he was a "pretty boy"when he was younger, but now with his gray hair and older look, WOW! OK, I just was nudged into reality. I happen to look to the side of my post in Zemanta and saw a picture of Sean Connery. Either he wore a toupee the last time I saw him or I haven't seen him in a while. Also, I don't know if he's there because of being an entertainer or having a face lift. If he has had one, at least he looks natural and didn't go overboard stretching his face into a contortion. OK, now I've got that off my chest. Wayne Newton, wasn't bad looking until he had his face lift, now it scares me to look at him. It makes me want to just SCREAM! PEOPLE! GOD MADE YOU, LEAVE YOURSELVES ALONE! It's a proven fact, whenever we try to intervene instead of letting God do His work, we will completely make a mess of things. WHY won't people learn?

My personal opinion is I am against any kind of altering of appearances, because God made us and He knew what He was doing. That being said, if people are going to do it, they need to check out the doctors more carefully and not go to the ones who turn normally good looking people into "alien cat people".
I know it isn't the patients' faults the only thing they are guilty of is being vain, but you know when one sees another whose face was "wrecked" common sense would tell me to ask who their doctor was so I would not go to the same one.

I guess in a way, this could be considered inspirational, for example, you are God's creation, He knew what you were going to look like before you were born, and He knows what you will look like when you leave this world. There is no shame in getting older. In most cases, it means we are getting wiser and that's something to be thankful for. We should not take it upon ourselves to play God and change our looks. God had a reason for making us look the way we do. We are all beautiful in our own way. It took me a long time to realize that. I have never tried to alter my appearance except years ago when I wore make-up, but that doesn't really alter, it just sort of enhances our features. Sometimes that's good and sometimes not so good if too much is worn. I've always gone by the old saying less is more. l My self-esteem issues dealt with something deeper than that, self worth. I have never been what I would consider beautiful, but I am satisfied with what God gave me. It was my inner being that was berated and belittled so much that my self-worth went down the tubes. I am so thankful that God finally helped me to wake up and realize my issues. I'm still working on them, but I'll get there. Meanwhile, if there is anyone out there contemplating getting a drastic face lift, I beg you to either reconsider, or at least check up on the doctor and not just see pictures, but try and visit some of the patients if you can find any. Pictures don't mean much because the doctor can show anyone's picture.

I know this was a strange post, even for me, but for some reason this subject was laying heavily on my mind. Thank you for letting me rant. It just makes me sick to see people get themselves butchered for the sake of money or vanity. Every single one of the people I mentioned were attractive people and visibly had no reason to alter their appearances. It's so sad when our insecurities get the best of us.

Since their pictures were on Zemanta, I guess it's ok to post them.

Good night to All and May God Bless!

Love & Prayers,




Mxdthingz said...

It is weird..I just posted the same thing on my blog an hour ago! I can never understand why would anyone go to all that trouble to look worse than they were before! People should be happy to the way they look!

Cathy Davis said...

Wow - they just wind up sorta creepy looking...

I'm doing well and I was glad to "see you" checking in on me!

Guess what I did last night...I WENT TO THE POST OFFICE! Do you know what that means?? You'll finally be getting your books! Yea!

R.L.Scovens said...

I've always wondered if they really KNOW that they're creepy looking or do they think they really look good?!!LOL

Lynette said...

That was Gary B? Wow I would have never guessed. Scared to do face but at same time dream of being thinner. Tummy tuck, fat suction, chin know me looking like I never did. HA HA Well, won't ever happen. Guess I just have to keep on working out.

Jayde said...

I agree...plastic surgery is not for me and I hate that anyone goes as far as some of the people you show here. I am mostly content with myself as I am, would like to lose weight (but who wouldn't) and I've never considered myself pretty, but I don't really care. Also, I am one of the few people on the planet (ok women to be exact) that does NOT mind the lines that are forming on my face. It means people aren't asking me if I'm 12 anymore (I'm 32!!) Great post!

The Butler Family said...

Well I guess if you have the money then so be it. But I think it's bad. They do look pretty creepy. I was watching Food Network last night and they showed a preview of the "challenge" making cakes for little girls beauty pageant. And it's sad that the little girls on there had fake eyelashes, extensions for their hair, tons of make up, acrylic nails... Just sad that they have to learn that natural beauty isn't beautiful at a young age. Great post!

And I would like to thank you for all your wonderful comments you posted! Your kind words mean a lot to me =)

Lol You actually can buy fondant from Hobby Lobby or Walmart. I just didn't know the name so I called it store bought =)

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