Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Challenge Answers and Unsung Heroes

Good Evening to All!

Sorry I missed yesterday's post, but I was seeing triple by bedtime. I have been typing a Training Manual for Advisor's in a Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program for my church. I've been typing every night, but I have also started My ESL class, and want to get my lessons ready for it, so I've been trying to get the manual typed so I don't have to worry about it. Hopefully, it's almost done.

Here are the answers to Sunday's Bible Challenge of Cloak & Dagger Pt.2

1. Cain slaying his brother Abel (Genesis 4:8)
2. Esau (Genesis 27)
3. d) idols (Genesis 31:19-20)
4. c) beneath her, packed aboard a camel (Genesis 31:34-35)
5. b) twenty pieces of silver (Genesis 37:28)
6. d) by making it appear Benjamin had stolen Joseph's own sliver cup (Genesis 44:1-2)
7. c) Jael (Judges 4:17-22)
8. Shibboleth (Judges 12:5-6)
9. c) for supporting David against Saul (1 Samuel 22:6-19)
10. a) Athaliah (2 Kings 11:1-16)

While there is still another part to Cloak and Dagger, I don't want boredom to set in on the subject, so I will come back to that one at a later date. Next weeks subject of Bible Challenge will be Colors


Susan Loomis (is not her real name) because neighbors don't sympathize with what she's doing. but her love for the four toddlers who share her modest apartment is genuine. After more than two years of red tape and government hoops to jump through, Loomis, who is in her thirties, has established the state's first permanent residence for children with AIDS. She is a registered nurse who put herself through graduate school, gave up a high paying job in a hospital and now cares for toddlers nobody wants. She tries to fill their days with fun and love. She is the only parent for these toddlers whose parents have died from AIDS. It's her way of providing a happy childhood for kids who will likely never grow up.

Shirley Maynard had been married to her second husband for only two weeks when he was jailed for mail fraud and interstate theft. Her emotions ran from shock to guilt to loneliness and there was no one to turn to for help and support. She decided to help herself and her kids. Along the way, she has helped many others. She founded "V.S.P" (Very Special Persons), a support group for prisoners' families, in 1984. Today there are thousands of members across the country. This Indianapolis based group offers such services as money management and aid in dealing with prison bureaucracies. Most of all, it provides a sympathetic ear.

Norman and Ellie Chamberlain say, "We're not giving up!" In their fifties, this couple lives in an area of crime in southeast Seattle. Instead, of giving up, they work to improve their neighborhood. Every other Saturday, they help paint over the "visual pollution" of graffiti. They helped establish a crime-tips hot-line and most importantly, they help criminals go straight. They have even taken former convicts into their home to live. Sure, they were scared....but willing to take the risk!


Making a Difference

Yes...it seems that one or two persons can truly make a difference. One is a whole number and one can make this world a better place in which to live~ "It makes you feel good if you can help someone who's down." Shirley Maynard

Bud do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.
(Hebrews 13:16)

I so enjoy reading about people who are humble people who do good for others and are NOT CELEBRITIES. I mean look how Angelina and Brad did. They started out adopting children to give them a good home, but it has turned into a circus. Don't get me wrong, I don't think they intended for it to happen that way and probably don't like it, but the reporters are ridiculous! Who cares if they got another child? We don't have to support it! Now every time you turn around you hear about another celeb adopting! Wake up celebrities! All you're doing is throwing it up in the faces of those people who weren't or aren't able to adopt because of money! That's definitely not the way to win fans! At least not me anyway. Of course now I'm too old to have kids (never been able to) and too old (no patience) to adopt even if we could, but I'm sure there are couples out there just like I and my "ex" husband (s) use to be that couldn't stand to look at pregnant women because of the yearning for a child, or jealousy of the couple who made enough money to pass the adoption agency's financial criteria. I just think that the Paparazzi (spelling) is uncaring insensitive jerks when it comes to stuff like that.

OK, I'm finally stepping down from my soap box! Thank you for letting me vent. I hope some of you made it all the way through to the end.

Good Night and May God Bless!


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