Saturday, May 8, 2010

Never Alone

Evening to All!

Today's Seed: "While they were still talking about this, Jesus himself stood among them and said to them, 'Peace be with you.'"
Luke 24:36

When we were young, we didn't want our parents always looking over our shoulders. We were either afraid they'd spoil all our fun or we wanted to do something we figured they'd disapprove of, so we struggled for our independence. It was a fate worse than death to have your mother accompany you to the door of the party and ask to meet the chaperon.

Some of us achieved the independence we sought sooner than others, but we eventually all found out the same thing--independence wasn't all it was cracked up to be. We had to wash our own dishes and clothes, pick up after ourselves, drag ourselves out of bed and head to a job day after day, and use our own hard earned money to pay taxes and bills.

The funny thing is, as we become mature Christians, we become more and more aware of the need for our Father to look over our shoulders. In fact, the exciting thing is that we have the Holy Spirit ever in our midst since he lives within our hearts.

Dig Deeper: The Greek word for "among" is mesos, meaning middle. What a comfort to know that God is in the center of our lives--"rubbing elbows" with us.

Background Bulb: Today's seed was spoken after Jesus' resurrection. Before Jesus was crucified and resurrected, the disciples had hoped that Jesus would deliver Israel from Roman rule and establish an earthly kingdom. After Jesus' death all their hopes were dashed. They felt abandoned. As they discussed the events of the previous days, Jesus suddenly appeared among them, talked to them, touched them, and ate with them.

Jesus was seen five times on the day he arose. He was first seen by Mary Magdalene and then by the women who were on their way to tell the disciples that he was alive. Next, Peter saw Jesus, and then he appeared to the two disciples who were traveling to Emmaus. finally, Jesus was seen by the eleven disciples at once.

Weed & Water: Are you facing some challenges in which you are struggling to steer clear of sin? Get up each day, and remember that the Holy Spirit is actually going to be with you everywhere you go all day long. Wear a special necklace, ring, or lapel pin that you designate as your reminder of his presence.

Because the Holy Spirit is with you, He will guide you in knowing what to do or say. He will strengthen you to resist temptation. Send up a prayer for help, and imagine Jesus being at your elbow wherever you go.

Think about it: What makes you feel alone as if God has abandoned you? Who can you depend on to remind you of God's love and presence, "rubbing elbows" with you?

Prayer Pot: Lord, thank you for being with me when....(Insert your own thoughts.)

Take-Away Idea: God rubs elbows with everyone through you by being in you.



Dena E's Blog said...

Hey PJ how are you,,,good post and much to think about, and let it touch our hearts. It sooo feels comforting to know this and share it about the Holy Spirit..
I do hope you have a blessed Sunday and drop me a note anytime at my blog or email or my blog frog now. I am trying to start my community and get to Red's more.
So onward living in HIS AWESOME Presence...Hugs Dena

Dena E's Blog said...

No worrries PJ,,I do TOTALLY agree with your 1st comment at my blog and truly am THANKFUL and love ya for you being YOU anytime you write or leave a note...It will stay wingless,I named her Gracie Ann BTW...
And THANKS for all your warmth, friendship and thoughts at my blog...

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