Thursday, August 19, 2010

Believe God is Leading You

Good Evening to All!

I take this verse from the Section of Proverbs in my NKJV titled Security in Wisdom

When you walk, your steps shall not be hindered and when you run, you shall not stumble. (Proverbs 4:12)

How many times have you just known something was right or true? You couldn't put your finger on it, you couldn't touch it, you just knew it was true. That is what I used to think about God. Whenever someone would counter me when we were in a discussion, I had "no tangible proof that there is a God. He just is. Hey! I finally woke up! I see evidence of God everywhere! Now when someone hits me with the question about Him, I say, look at the birds, the fish, look at the flowers. These are things that don't "just happen" . God took pains in creating them, He planned them out. Now their question is "how do you know?" My reply is, "I have FAITH".

The same goes for my subject of tonight. Believe God is Leading You. We have to have faith that God is leading and guiding us. When we wake up in the morning and begin our day, we ought to ask God to direct our steps and guide us in every aspect of our lives that day. The reason I say we need to ask Him is because He will not intrude. He will not do anything without being invited. This is why we must ask. Before you even think it, don't say "I don't know how to pray". That's why I didn't use that specific word. When someone uses the word pray, people automatically think, "church", bow head, bended knees, eyes closed, L O N G P R A Y E R. Nope! You can be sitting at your table drinking your morning coffee, taking your shower, or driving to work ( although I try to talk to Him before driving so He'll keep me safe and out of the line of an accident). Anyway, talk to Him like you would a friend and just ask Him to direct your steps, keep His hand upon you, help you do your job to the best of your ability, whatever you need, then thank Him and BELIEVE He is going to do it. God's Word says without Faith we cannot please Him. We must have faith in Him. How does it make you feel when your husband, family, or boss doesn't show faith in you? Not too good, right? Well, God is no different. He likes to know we have faith in Him also.

This whole of Proverbs Chapter 4 deals with instruction from the LORD. The above mentioned verse tells me if I walk with the LORD (in the Spirit), that He WILL direct my steps, therefore I will not stumble. As long as I am walking with the LORD, I am walking in the light, in wisdom. It is straight, and safe. If I stray from this onto the other path, it is wicked, tortuous, hazardous and marked by violence leading to a stumbling destruction. Now I understand that this may seem a bit "heavy", but in this day and time someone needs to speak out. We are in the latter days. Immorality almost seems the norm. What's even worse is society's children's favorite saying or reason for doing ANYTHING is "everybody's doing it!" Like that is supposed to make it ok. Many parents are so busy trying to earn a living to provide for their children and buy whatever makes their kids happy (at the time), they condone this behavior. Whether it's wearing VERY inappropriate suggestive clothing, or turning the other way while their kids drink or in some cases even allow it in front of them. Society has become too permissive and needless to say more and more kids are starting down the "wrong" paths away from God's direction.

People seem to forget that the children of today are this world's future, and whether I am alive in the distant future or not, I would like to think that we are leaving this world in capable Christian, God-fearing hands. The more children who are brought up with morals, and a healthy respect and reverence for God, the more there will be to fight the Anti-Christ when he comes because they will teach their children what they have learned.

I worry about the kids of today in all aspects. First, they are forced to grow up too soon in school. I remember when I started school, in first grade the main things we did were to learn our alphabet and numbers. Now days they're way beyond that. Kids don't have time to be kids anymore, they are either being pushed to the academic limit for College Admission, or because they don't "quite make the grade" are made to feel inadequate, which is totally uncalled for. There isn't a child alive who doesn't "add" something good for this world. The problem as I see it is that a lot of parents go from one extreme to the other not realizing that their child is an individual. That just because "Johnny" doesn't make the grades for a scholarship to Harvard or Princeton is no sign to blow him off. He still has "worth". In saying all of this it brings me to some of the reasons why children become rebellious and start straying down the wrong path, and the parents wonder "what happened".

The Bible says "Train up a child in the way they should go and they shall not depart from it. The key here is "do it with LOVE". No one, adult or otherwise likes to be bodily forced to do anything. If the parent will explain the positive aspects of wearing modest clothing, going to church, associating with children who have good habits and are a positive influence, then they will more likely follow the parents directions more readily than being a "because I'm the boss and I told you to do it attitude.

To be honest this post took off in a completely different direction than I had anticipated. The title was supposed to be "Believe God Is Leading You, but somehow I changed and delved into dealing with todays' children. Even with this total change of direction, the title still hold true, because as adults and parents we all have a responsibility to the kids to at least give them an idea of how great God really is. We cannot do that unless we believe it ourselves. We cannot do this if we don't have faith and believe that God is leading us and giving us direction and guidance. Remember, He won't do it unless we ask. If we have asked for God's guidance and leading in our lives, than it holds true that His guidance will show through to the children. In doing so, they will follow by example and when they grow up will do the same. Not only that but while growing up, they will influence other children to follow them also. For this reason, wouldn't it be better follow the path to God to teach the children the right path to follow? Believe He is leading you and You cannot go wrong, but remember to ASK HIM FOR GUIDANCE AND DIRECTION.

Good night to all and May God Bless!


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Lynette said...

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6

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