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Good Evening to All!

It is the Spirit Who gives life [He is the Life-giver]; the flesh conveys no benefit whatever [there is no profit in it]. The words (truths) that I have been speaking to you are spirit and life.
(John 6:63)

References by: NKJV--Jesus was trying to get the religious leaders to see beyond the physical aspects of His teaching to the real issue--namely, that if they believed on Him, they would have everlasting life. Because they did not believe, many of these disciples did not follow Jesus any longer (v. 66).


Sometimes our own minds, wills, or emotions interfere with our ability to hear God's voice. When we try to hear and obey God, negative thoughts can bombard us to the point that we feel like giving up. but if we quiet our minds and see what is in our hearts, God will give us confirmation of what He is speaking. We will sense His answer rising with peace and confidence from deep within our hearts, where the Holy Spirit dwells.

One time I had finished a meeting, one I had worked very hard to ensure would be helpful to the people who came. Although everyone seemed to enjoy it, I kept hearing in my head, "No one was blessed and most wished they hadn't even come."

I felt like a miserable failure, which I know was not God's will for me, so I got still and quiet and listened to see what the Holy Spirit would say to me. I instantly heard the still, small voice, the knowing deep inside, say, "If the people did not want to be here, they would not have come. If they were not enjoying it, many would have left. I gave you the message, and I never give anyone bad things to preach, so don't allow Satan to steal the joy of your labor." Had I not listened, I would have continued to be miserable, but God's word brought life to me.

We hear from God through our spirit, not through our mind. Remember that, and always take time to stop and ask God what He is truly saying to you.

God's Word For You Tonight: God's Word Always Brings Life.

Devotion taken from Joyce Meyer's "Hearing from GOD Each Morning".

My Little Take on the Subject

This kind of reminded me of how couples communicate. I know in my own marriage, I have a tendency to "rattle on" when my husband and I are in a discussion. I don't really give him a chance to say too much because I am afraid of what his response will be. I love my hubby, but he has a tendency to point out my faults on a regular basis, and I had this same problem with my last marriages and my dad when I was growing up. I used to listen and not say anything, but now that I am older, I refused to take it anymore, so I just don't give him much room or chance to say anything.

Of course, I know God doesn't do that, but I think that we still don't want to take the chance that God will tell us "no" for whatever we ask, or if we ask His advice, He will tell us that we actually will have to do something His way which may require some uncomfortable moments. Therefore, we do as He asks and pray, but as in an algebra problem, that is only HALF of the equation. We also need to listen to get His input.

We don't like to have conversations with people if they aren't going to listen to us, so why would we think that God would be any different? I know from past experiences of my own that I have come to the point of "why do I bother trying to talk to this person, if they aren't going to listen? I am just wasting my breath". I can't help but wonder if God feels the same way sometimes? When we pray, but then don't take the time to listen to Him, then tell ourselves that He didn't answer our prayers, although we didn't stop to listen to what He had to say, therefore we wouldn't really know if He had answered or not, then we try solving the dilemma in our own way. Our problem that we prayed about will probably end up worse because we tried to fix it on our own.

If we will pray, then focus on God, listen inward, we will hear Him. We will get the answers to our prayers. We will be at peace. His voice won't be found in a fire, in an earthquake, or any other loud noise. This still small voice will be found only looking into our hearts. That little nudge, that little feeling that you need to do something. That is the way God talks to us.

I have a little saying on my Twitter background which says "Yes, He is Listening". If He is caring and loving enough to listen to us, don't we owe Him the same courtesy?

Good Night and May God Bless!


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