Tuesday, September 21, 2010


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Good Evening to All!

I don't know what happened, but I just realized my routine has gotten messed up. I totally forgot Bible Challenge on Sunday! I'm surprised no one said anything LOL! I wonder if some one's trying to tell me something by that. LOL! Anyway, I will do it tonight instead.

How well do you know the people in the Bible? Let's check it out and see. Feel free to use your Bibles to look them up. I have even provided the scriptures on where to find them.

Have fun!


1. My name was Delilah. I was this judge's girlfriend. (Judges 16:4)
a) Jair's
b) Jephtha's
c) Abdon's
d) Samson's

2. My name was Orpah. I lived before the time of King David and was_________.
(Ruth 1:3-4)
a) Samson's sister
b) Naomi's daughter-in-law
c) King Saul's grandmother
d) King Saul's mother

3. My name was Baruch. I was this person's secretary. (Jeremiah 36:4, 45:1) a) Elisha's
b) Jeremiah's
c) Daniel's
d) Paul's

4. Our names were Ethan. We both lived during time of King David and were ________.
(1 Chronicles6:31-44)
a) heroic warriors
b) temple musicians
c) temple priests
d) palace servants

5. My name was Ahinoam. I lived during the time of King David and was___________.
( 1 Samuel 25:43)

a) King David's wife
b) a court musician
c) a temple priestess
d) a palace servant

6. My name was Rizpah. I was a concubine of ________. (2 Samuel 3:7)
a) Esau
b) Pharaoh
c) Saul
d) Solomon

7. My name was Amasa. After temporarily joining Absalom's failed revolt, I renewed my allegiance to my kinsman King David-but then was assassinated by ____________.
(2 Samuel 19:13, 20:13)
a) Absalom's servant
b) Adonijah
c) Abigal
d) Joab

8. My name was Vasti. I was a queen deposed by King ____________. (Esther 1:19)
a) David
b) Solomon
c) Ahasuerus
d) Amon

9. My name was Malchus. I was________________. (John 18:10)
a) the high priest's servant whose ear was cut off as Jesus was being arrested
b) the high priest who arrested Jesus
c) the man who accused Peter of being Jesus' disciples
d) a Roman soldier who spat in Jesus' face

10. My name was Simon of Cyrene. I performed this unique deed. (Matthew 27:32)
a) washed Jesus' feet
b) gave my colt for Jesus to ride
c) helped carry Jesus' cross
d) offered my tomb for Jesus' burial

Good Night to All and May God Bless!



Yaya' s Home said...

Hi PJ,
I took the challenge an' got three wrong, although one of those three, I was on the fence about. Thanks for posting this challenge. I really enjoyed it.

~ Yaya

Lynette said...

Your name is Patti and you:

1. Are a caring and loving friend.

2. Dedicated to spreading the word of God and his love to all around you.

3. Can do a mean workout while laughing your head off.

4. All of the above.

Dena E's Blog said...

Hey Ya Sweet Sis,,,hope all is well!
I've been thinking of you with lots of love too,,so I had to stop by.. I really need to update my post.. Been busy here at our office at home..
God is AWESOME all the time~~Amen
May God's love be with you and yours as you look to Him~~~Blessings and Hugs Dena

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