Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bible Challenge-OBEDIENCE TO GOD

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Good Evening to All!

Tonight's Bible Challenge is something we all need to be concerned with; obedience to God, so get you Bibles out, and your pens or pencils ready along with a sheet of paper. I am hoping someday I will figure out how to be able make it where you can just check a box and then check your answers at the end, but until then I guess this way will have to do.

1. Counting Noah, how many people obeyed God's commands, boarded the ark, and survived the flood? (Genesis 7:13)

2. The first altar to God recorded in the Bible was built by ___________. (Genesis 8:20)
a) Adam
b) Noah
c) Abraham
d) Jacob

3. Because Lot's wife disobeyed the angel's instructions in fleeing Sodom and looked back, what happened to her? (Genesis 18:1-26)
a) she was killed in the rain of fire and brimstone
b) she was struck dumb
c) she was blinded by the explosions
d) she turned to salt

4. The famous human offering, agonizingly tied to an altar by his obedient father because God commanded it, was __________. (Genesis 22:1-19)
a) Abel
b) Isaac
c) Jacob
d) Samuel

5. By god's instructions, when the Israelites offered sacrifices, they were to: (Leviticus 1:3, 2:1, 3:1 etc)
a) sacrifice defective livestock or grain, trusting God to make it perfect.
b) sacrifice swine as a token of giving up their sinful ways
c) sacrifice their best products, carefully chosen and prepared
d) never defile a sacrifice with olive oil

6. According to Samuel, obedience to the Lord is better than __________. (2 Samuel 15:2)

7. This son diverted the Israelites' obedience from is father. (2 Samuel 15:1-6)
a) Simeon
b) Absalom
c) Zedekiah
d) Jezebel

8. What turned the aging Solomon from the path of obedience to one of idolatry? (1 Kings 11:4)
a) wealth
b) paranoia
c) his wives
d) his children

9. When Daniel as a youth was brought to Nebuchadnezzar's court, he kept himself clean according to Old Testament law by: (Daniel 1:8)
a) singing a psalm of David before every meal
b) refusing to eat unleavened bread
c) refusing to drink water from the Babylonian pool
d) refusing to dine on royal meat and wine

10. The first martyr known to have died for his devotion to Christ was (Acts 7:54-60)
a) Andrew
b) Luke
c) Matthias
d) Stephen



Lynette said...

multiple choice
means i could get one right?

Anonymous said...

Hey PJ,
Just wanted to thank you for the recent comments you've made on my blog. I had one anonymous reader tell me your comment from yesterday and my response to it was a real blessing to them. They are facing the same type of issue that you were talking about and it encouraged them to know there are others facing the same type of temptation. Thanks again, Rob

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