Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bible challenge - "Plagues and Afflictions"

Good Morning to All!

First, I want to thank y'all for bearing with me while I had to spend most of my time since Friday in bed. I woke up Friday morning with Cellulitis (a baterial infection in my right leg). The doctor gave me a strong shot, put me on "bed rest", heat packs 3 times a day and 2000 mg. of Antibiotics (2- 500 mg K-flex, twice a day). At least the fever is gone, but it is still tender to the touch and painful to walk on. Anyway, I thought I had better get back to my "somewhat" routine before y'all thought I had deserted you.

On with the "Bible Challenge".
"Plagues and Afflictions"

1. What was Moses' notable deficiency? (Exodus 4:10-16)
a) absence of his right leg below the knee
b) absence of his right forefinger
c) speech impediment
d) near blindness

2. Moses is the first person the Bible reports to have been cured of _________.
(Exodus 4:6-7)
a) blindness
b) speech impediment
c) boils
d) leprosy

3. The Lord punished Moses' sister Miriam with a physical affliction because she questioned Moses' unique relationship with God. What was her affliction? (Numbers 12:1-10)
a) inability to speak for two years
b) leprosy
c) inability to conceive
d) internal bleeding

4. After God sent poisonous snakes to plague the rebellious Israelites and they repented, He gave them this snakebite remedy. (Numbers 21:4-9)
a) a bronze snake on a pole
b) a healing spring
c) a wild herb
d) a potion of calf's blood, olive oil, and honey

5. Jonathan's son (Saul's grandson) Mephibosheth had a physical disability. What was it?
(2 Samuel 9:3-6)

a) he was blind
b) he was missing an arm
c) he was deaf
d) he was lame

6. This king, "diseased in his feet," refused to seek the Lord's help and, relying solely on his royal physicians, died. (2 Chronicles 16:12-13)
a) Oded
b) Asa
c) Jehoshaphat
d) Joash

7. How did King Ahaziah end up on what would become his deathbed? (2 Kings 1:2-4)
a) leprosy
b) arrow wound
c) falling through an upstairs lattice
d) lung disease--probably pneumonia

8. In Jesus' time, where did afflicted Jews go because of its healing waters? (John 5:2-4)
a) Tyre
b) the pool of Bethesda
c) the River Jordan
d) the Dead Sea

9. Who cured Saul/Paul of blindness? (Acts 9:17-18)
a) Ananias
b) Luke
c) Barnabas
d) Lydia

10. Who prescribed prayerful anointment with oil to heal the sick? (James 5:14)
a) Aaron
b) Jesus
c) Luke
d) James

Have a Blessed Day!


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Paula & Skip said...

PJ, just read at BF that you are sick. I hope you get better soon. Hugs to you. Paula

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