Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bible Challenge - WAYWORD PATHS

Good Evening to All!

On with tonight's Bible Challenge.

1. Where did Noah's descendants decide to build the Tower of Babel? (Genesis 11:1-4)
a. Nod
b) Egypt
c) Punon
d) Shinar

2. The rejected Esau became the father of what tribe?
a) Philistines
b) Edomites
c) Sodomites
d) Israelites

3. How did Moses punish the Israelites for making the golden calf while he was on Mount Sinai?
a) ordered the sacrifice of 3,000 of the finest lambs
b) ordered the execution of 100 family leaders
c) ground the idol into powder, put it in water and made them drink it
d) he didn't; he simply foretold that the Lord would make them wander four more years

4. The sins of Eli's sons were particularly abominable because they
a) were committed directly against God
b) were committed against one another
c) were committed directly against Eli
d) were committed as Eli lay dying

5. God slew Judah's oldest son because he "was evil in the sight of the Lord." What was his name?

6. Proverbs teaches that a man succumbing to the temptation of a prostitute is like ____________. (Proverbs 7:22)
a) a house with no foundation
b) an ox bound for slaughter
c) a stream that changes course
d) Adam and Eve duped by the serpent

7. Christ foretold that people blithely will ignore the signs of His second coming, just as people in the Old Testament times of _____ and ___________ ignored impending doom.
(Luke 17:26-30)
a) Noah and Lot
b) Jacob and Joseph
c) Jericho and Ai
d) Israel and Judah

8. This one-time follower of Paul deserted the apostle and returned to worldly ways.
(2 Timothy 4:10)

a) Timothy
b) Tychicus
c) Carpas
d) Demas

9. Which apostle predicted that in the end times, scoffers will mock the idea of a second coming? (2 Peter 3:3-4)
a) John
b) Paul
c) Peter
d) James

10. In Revelation, the people of the world follow a seven-headed beast because:
(Revelation 14:3)

a) it provides them with food during the worst famine in history
b) it recovers from a seemingly fatal wound
c) the Antichrist commands them to
d) it offers them a life-preserving mark

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Good Night to All and May God Bless!

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