Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bible Trivia - "PLAYING WITH FIRE"

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Good Evening to All!

1. What group of converts buried their books of magic? (Acts 19:19)

2. Who burned Joab's barley field just to get his attention? (2 Samuel 14:28-33)

3. Who burned the Philistine's grain by tying torches to the tails of foxes? (Judges 15:4-5)

4. What king of Babylon burned Jerusalem? (2 Kings 25:9)

5. What Canaanite city was burned down by the men of Dan? (Judges 18:26-27)

6. What Israelite has his goods burned after he had been stoned to death? (Joshua 7:24-25)

7. What nation burned David's city of Ziklag? (1 Samuel 30:1)

8. What king committed suicide by burning down his palace with himself inside?
(1 Kings 16:18)

9. What judge killed about a thousand people when he burned down the tower of Shechem? (Judges 9:49)

10. What Israelite city was burned up by Pharaoh? (1 Kings 9:16)

11. What tribe of Israel sacked Jerusalem and burned it? (Judges 1:8)

12 In the days of the judges, what tribe had its cities burned by the other tribes?
(Judges 20:48)

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Good Night to All and May God Bless!


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Prayer Notes by Cynthia said...

First of all, I'm sending many blessings and love your way! Thank you, so much, for your comment on my post. Yep, the sadsack syndrome is puzzling, but understandable. And, I love the way you spelled-out the science on this concept. I have a few friends who used-to sit on the "Mourner's Bench" every Sunday and they have decided to praise and lift, instead. Let's keep His praise and honor in our mouths, which will cleanse and raise our minds and souls!!! Hallelujah!

I love your blog and the Bible trivia! I'm going to look-up all the answers, sometime today. I don't have a "craft day." I just giveaway crafts, weekly. I always place a craft on my blog--something I've been working on. But, my giveaway craft is posted on Monday's. Much love and many blessings!

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