Thursday, February 17, 2011


Good Evening to All!

The verse which was originally used in the devotion I read along this line was Psalm 33:15 which says: He Who fashions the hearts of them all, Who considers all their doings. While I honor this Bible verse because of WHO it is about, I can't help but feel that Isaiah 64:8 is more appropriate for this subject.

Our God, who is the Potter of us all, has molded each one of us individually. He doesn't have an assembly line going up there like a "manufacturer". He takes pains in making each one of us, placing just the right genes, eye color, hair color and frame.

Not only is He concerned with what we look like, but He also creates our individual hearts and places the traits in them that are to be formed and developed as we hopefully grow into wonderful, productive God-fearing adults. I have no doubt that this is His intention.

He created us this way knowing that we would have free will and having individually created hearts would make different decisions and different reactions to things.

For this reason, what I feel a heavy burden to pray for someone else may not and vice-versa. When we are baby Christians we tend to listen to those around us pray and follow their examples. This is all well and good, we need follow examples of mature Christians in their walk. However, we must develop our own way. We must do what we feel God would want us to do. We must follow the impression which God puts in our heart. Don't be a "cookie cutter pray-er. For example, I have heard people when they pray mention God, Lord God, about every other word in their prayer. This is "their" way of praying this is what God has put on their heart, but it doesn't feel right to me. I usually start with "Heavenly Father, thank you for allowing me to come boldly to your throne with my requests", and then a few sentences later I may say God and make my request, and end my prayer with Lord I thank you in advance for answering my prayer, as I know according to your word as long as I abide in You and Your Words abide in me, whatsoever I ask shall ye do. In Jesus' Name I pray, Amen. This is MY way to pray, but that doesn't make it right for other people. The key is having it come from your heart. If you copy someone else, it's not heart-felt, so it won't be as effective.

The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. In other words, pray with passion and intensity from the heart. Not some prayer you've heard someone else pray. It will be more effective.

As I have said before, sometimes the way I pray probably wouldn't even sound like a prayer to someone else listening because sometimes I will just "talk to God" like we are friends having a conversation.

Jesus gave us a pattern of prayer to go by in Matthew with the Lord's Prayer. This is an example. It does not mean we have to use those words. Just remember, pattern. Acknowledge Who God is, and how special He is. Then state your petitions or requests, Praise Him, then Thank Him. As far as what you say, that's up to you and your heart.

The more you pray, the closer to God you will become. It will soon become second nature to you. If you start your day out with a prayer you will definitely notice how much smoother your day will go. If you pray before you go to bed you will notice how much more peaceful your sleep will be.

Be yourself. Don't try to copy anyone. God knows your heart and so if you try to pray what someone else is praying, God will know. He wants what's in your heart to Him, not from someone else's heart to you, to Him.

Good Night to All and May God Bless!



Anonymous said...


I a firm believer that, as Christians, we should attempt to follow the example of Christ above all else for our lives.

There are times when I was younger I would follow my father's example, or at times my pastor's example for prayer and other acts of service.

The older I get, the more I realize that I am an individual made with a specific set of gifts to use in my ministry. As long as I keep my eyes on Christ, and look to Him for my example. I cannot go wrong.


Janay, aka Zsa said...

Hi can you pray for me please? (see my blog if you can) I would really appreciate it. Since becoming a christian in 2000 and taking a mission trip to Greece etc, I have become divorced via adultery, dumped by my 2 best friends, suffer from depression and am suicidal. I am only alive because of Christ and my family. However! My prayer is not for any of that really - my roommate and i had a fight that is keeping me from my destiny of getting to NY to be with my sick family, (sisters both heart and brain and mom with cancer) I am so distraught and angry and crying and will be homeless with a plethora of stuff in a week and a half with no one to help me get home! Sorry to bother you when there is so much more out there that needs prayer.

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