Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Good Evening to All!

You shall walk after the Lord your God and {reverently] fear Him, and keep His commandments and obey His voice, and you shall serve Him and cling to Him.
(Deuteronomy 13:4)

Now there are many clarifications and references for this verse in the New Testament also pointing toward this day. The reason I bring this up is because so many times I have heard comments by people such as "that was back in Biblical times. It's not meant for us today. That couldn't be further from the truth.

Everything in that Bible has lead us up this day and time. There are people who don't want to believe it, because that would mean that they would actually have to honor God AND His Word. They would have to believe that even though God did come to earth to sacrifice His fleshly body to save us, there are requirements that go along with that Salvation. We are to LOVE Him and LIVE for Him. He expects us to develop a relationship with Him just like we would we an earthly parent. Talk to Him learn about Him through His Word, obey Him, because He always knows what is best for us.

OK, Now that I've got that out of my system, Want to Hear More?

God's Word says we can't serve two masters. According to Matthew 6:24, and Luke 16:13 It actually says God and mammon (which means wealth or material riches). I understand that.

What I would like to say is that we cannot serve two masters, the flesh and the Spirit. These two are at war with each other. If you are spending more time doing fleshly things, then you are leaving less time for the Spiritual side. If you leave less for the Spiritual side then you are making more room for the things of this world to get hold of you. Now I'm sure you know who the Bible says the "ruler of this world is, Satan. He's got his little minions all over, just waiting for a chance to get inside someone's mind or heart and start whispering things that will turn them away from God, or at least preoccupy them so they won't think about God as much as they do about the worldly things.

If you will concentrate on the Spiritual things, your life will be much better. You, of course will still have trials and tribulations, but God will be there to help get you through them. If you rely on the ruler of this world to help you, you will be doing one of two things. You will either be waiting a very long time, or there will be strings attached to "his" help. We must keep in mind that Satan is the "Father of Lies". He does not know how to tell the truth.

Now, I know that there are going to be days when we wake up feeling bad, and grouchy, maybe even just a bit touchy, where we get upset at the drop of a hat, just wanting to be left alone. We have days when we just want to go completely opposite of what we KNOW we should be doing. That is a "flesh" day. We can feed into those feelings, or we can "step back" and pray to the Lord for help. ( I've done that many times). I call out His name and just yell Lord, I know this isn't the way you want me to be, I need your help, please change my attitude! You know what? He does.

Look at it this way. The more you call out to God for help, the more He will help you. He wants to be asked. He doesn't want us "assuming" He will help us. I don't like for people to assume things about me, I would like to be asked. The same goes for God. He even says it in His Word. You Have Not, because You Ask Not. To me that says it all. Don't assume His help, ask for it.

When we ask Him for help, we need to listen to our spirits. He will speak to them. Then we need to obey our "conscience" (or spirit). The more we listen and obey, the more He will talk to us and do. I should rephrase that. He is always talking to us. A lot of the time we just can't hear Him because we are too busy talking ourselves, or we don't have the ability to discern if it's Him or not. When that happens, Go To Your Bible. If what you are feeling in your spirit lines up with the Word of God, then it is God. If not, then don't obey or heed the advice.

Every time we obey God's voice, it lets in more light knowledge or truth) for the next time. Once we know the joy of following God, we will be unwilling to live without it.

Good Night to All and May God Bless!



lioneagle said...

Hi -

I appreciate that you are a truth walker. There is nothing better than loving GOD.

Thank you for sharing these rich words of truth.

Anonymous said...


You are so right about this...

"That is a "flesh" day. We can feed into those feelings, or we can "step back" and pray to the Lord for help."

I'll speak for myself, I need to do that EVERYDAY. If I take the time to evaluate my life, there is always something that needs changing.

There is not one thing I do during my day that is perfect in His sight. That's one of the big problems with being a fallen creature that is touched by sin. Even though I am saved, I still am not perfect this side of heaven.

I've come to the conclusion, every day, at all times. I should be looking to Him by faith, trusting He'll enable me to please Him in all that I do.

When our Lord said..."Without me ye can do nothing" He was so right!

Lord bless you, PJ. Keep up the good work, you are bringing glory to His name.


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