Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bible Challenge - "WHAT'S IN A NAME? Part 2

Good Evening to All!

1. Eve's name signified________. (Genesis 3:20)
a) man's companion
b) man's rib
c) mother of all living
d) daughter of God

2. True or False: The Bible refers to god as, among other things, an anchor. (Hebrews 6:19)

3. True or False: The Bible refers to God as, among other things a spear.

4. True or False: The Bible refers to God as among other things a horn. (Psalm 18:2)

5. When this son was born to her servant Bilhah and her husband Jacob, Rachel gave him a name meaning "my wrestling," commemorating her contentions with her sister Leah. Which son was he? (Genesis 30:7-8)
a) Benjamin
b) Gad
c) Joseph
d) Napthali

6. Who named Moses? (Exodus 2:10)
a) his mother
b) Miriam
c) Pharaoh
d) Pharaoh's daughter

7. Jesus' disciples called Him rabbi, meaning_____. (John 1:38)
a) God
b) Emanuel
c) servant
d) teacher

8. Why was the bedeviled man named Legion? (Mark 5:1-17)
a) because he commanded a Roman legion
b) because he was the purser for a Roman legion
c) because many spirits possessed him
d) because he recorded the Judean census

9. Barnabas had another name: (Acts 4:36)
a) Peter
b) Joses
c) Bartholomew
d) Silas

10. After Paul healed a man at Lystra, the astonished people there called him_____and his companion Barnabas ___________. (Acts 14:8-18)
a) Abraham/Moses
b) Isaiah/Jeremiah
c) Isaiah/Daniel
d) Mercury/Jupiter
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Good Night to All and May God Bless!

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