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Bible Challenge - "DEATH"

Good Evening to All!

As I know that today is a day for somber reflection of that fateful day 10 years ago, I want to say several things before getting into this Bible Challenge. First, I did not choose this specific Challenge because of the date. It just happened. I didn't even catch the connection until I had finished it and my eye caught the Date at the top.

Secondly, I'm sure that there were many "church services today remembering those who lost their lives, the families who lost loved ones and those who were injured, but my Pastor brought up a good point. He brought up the parallels between Physical terrorism and Spiritual Terrorism. Satan is doing his best to try and do to us spiritually what the Terrorists of 9/11 did to us. They tried to shake us and break us. They tried to make us lose our faith and our confidence and much more.

The thing is "for a while" it brought us closer. Unfortunately, to me it seems as time gets further away from it, we are getting back into the way we were before 9/11. Divided, argumentative "worried about "number one". (My words, not my Pastor's). Anyway, Satan is trying to do the same thing to the church. It is his soul purpose to keep us distracted from God and anything having to do with God. It is his purpose to keep us from doing what we know we need to do to be saved. We KNOW that to be saved, we need to be baptized.

It states it as plain as day to be born of the water and of Spirit. Yet we have people saying baptism isn't important because it's just symbolic. If God didn't want us to do it, He wouldn't have commanded us in His word and say that we can't get into heaven. "Unless man be born again of Water and of Spirit, He will not see the kingdom of God. There are many other things which were mentioned but I don't want you to get tired before the Challenge, so I will leave them for another post.

Has everyone got their thinking caps on? Have you got your Bibles handy? It's time for the Bible Challenge of the Week, so . . .

Have Fun
, and . . . .
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1. What did God warn Adam would cause certain death?
(Genesis 2:16-17)

2. Whose was the first human death recorded in the Bible?
(Genesis 4:8)

a) Adam's
b) Eve's
c) Abel's
d) Methuselah's

3. How did Rachel die? (Genesis 35:16-18)

a) killed in a raid by the Perizzites
b) giving birth
c) of leprosy
d) apparently of old age

4. What stingy livestock owner in King David's time died of an apparent stroke or heart attack after lingering ten days as a stone?"
(1 Samuel 25)

a) Abiathar
b) Nabal
c) Ahio
d) Obededom

5. What royal person died by being thrown into the streets by servants and trampled by horses? (2 Kings 9:32-34)

a) King Saul
b) Prince Adonijah
c) Queen Vashti
d) Queen Jezebel

6. "What man is he that liveth, and shall not see death? Shall he deliver his soul from the hand of the grave?" Who uttered that lament?
(Psalm 89:48)

a) Elijah
b) Job
c) one of the psalmists
d) Paul

7. Whose death made it possible for Joseph and Mary to return from exile in Egypt with Jesus? (Matthew 2:13-15)

8. Whose death prompted many graves to open and long-dead saints to appear bodily throughout Jerusalem? (Matthew 27:50-53)

a) Jesus'
b) David's
c) John the Baptist's
d) Stephen's

9. True of False: Jesus Christ never claimed to actually have died.
(Luke 24:46-48, Revelation 1:18)

10. Whom did Paul describe as being "dead" in their sins? (Ephesians 2:1, Colossians 2:13)

a) the Jews of Jerusalem
b) the Romans
c) his own traveling companions
d) the Ephesians and Colossian believers

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Good Night to All and may God Bless!


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