Thursday, November 24, 2011


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While you are "gobbling down" the wonderful turkey and all the trimmings, remember how he gave his life that you might eat hearty and gain a few pounds! LOL~ As a personal note, I DO want to Give thanks To and For All of my Blog Family. It would be a lonely and discouraging task getting God's Word out without knowing for sure that there are people out there who truly are hungry for His Word and Guidance. I would definitely keep on doing it, because this is my way to "witness", but it is wonderful to know someone cares to read and listen. Thank you again!

BUT, MOST OF ALL, Give thanks to GOD for what He has done for you, what He is GOING to do for you in years to come. EVEN MORE SO, GIVE THANKS to GOD JUST for WHO HE IS, no strings attached.

Too many times we think we have to have reasons to thank HIM. We DON'T. We can thank Him just for being who He is, our Father in Heaven, Our Creator. Our Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace.

Have you ever thought about "who He is", or have you just concentrated on what He has done? Yes, He GAVE HIS LIFE FOR US, and that was the ULTIMATE, but He IS our Physician, Our Provider, our Supplier of our need. He IS our advocate with the Father, He is our Lawyer. He is our Confidant. HE IS the ONE who will Never let us down.

Yes, I know you are thinking "she's talking about "Jesus". I AM. Jesus said, "I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE".

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Have a Wonderfully Blessed Thanksgiving!

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Frank Blasi said...

I personally believe that although the Internet was invented by man, God can still speak powerfully through it. In the past (and still do at present) I try to witness to others orally, I have discovered via the internet that I can express myself far better on the keyboard.
So I guess there is not a lot of difference between Moses and myself, lol! (Exodus 4:10-12.)
I hope you have enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving. (We don't have this in the UK.)

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