Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Good Evening to All!

I decided to do something different tonight. Last night, I found myself caught up in a Website full of different facts called Amazing and Interesting facts. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share what I have learned.

The word “pie” can be traced to the 13th century, but in the old days, the dessert was more commonly known as a “coffin” or “coffyn.” In fact, “coffin” was used in this context for 300 years before it was applied to a burial casket. (I'll never look at pie the same way again!)

Vodka was used as an ingredient in early European formulations of gunpowder. (I wish I would have known this back in my younger days. I probably would have quit drinking a lot sooner than I did!)

When removing the American flag after an event, the proper term is to “Retrieve the Colors” which is commonly mistaken for “Retire the Colors”. To “Retire the Colors” is to destroy/bury an American flag due to excessive wear or damage.

In the Hatfield vs. McCoy feud, three dozen lives were lost between 1878 and 1890…all over a pig. Actually it was over the alleged theft of a hog.

Talk about protective parenting. According to Mayan tradition, a mother should cover her newborn’s face for the first year of life in order to drive away evil spirits, a practice still carried out in rural Guatemala.

The first documented bank notes come from China. The bills were one-foot-square pieces of white deerskin with colorful borders, and were used as early as 118 BC.

Restaurant chains like Applebee’s and T.G.I. Friday’s have their staff sing a specialized song to wish customers a happy birthday in order to avoid paying royalties, since “Happy Birthday to You” is a copyrighted tune. (I have to say this is the one I was most amused by! LOL!)

Pearls dissolve in vinegar

The Procrastinators’ Club of America newsletter is called “Last Month’s Newsletter.”

Habitual singing causes the lungs to release leptin, a protein manufactured by the body’s fat cells that is involved in the regulation of appetite. This may partially explain why opera stars tend to lean toward the heavy end of the scale.

Any month that begins on a Sunday will include a Friday the 13th.

The airspace over Disneyland is a “no fly zone.” Unless they have special authorization, aircraft are not allowed to fly below 3,000 feet anywhere within a three-mile radius of the park.

The drug name Premarin is derived from the origin of the drug – PREgnant MARe urINe. Yes the urine of a pregnant horse! (Ugh! I used to take that hormone, luckily not for very long!)

General Robert E. Lee and his horse were buried at Washington and Lee University.

Teddy Roosevelt’s first wife and his mother died on the same day in the same house. The day was Valentine’s Day 1884 1 floor and just a few hours apart.

I hope you have enjoyed these "fun facts" as much as I did.

Good Night to All and May God Bless!


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Anonymous said...

Did Roosevelt's wife and mom die in an epidemic? I can't imagine covering a baby's face for the first year! How do you kiss it that way?

I'm linking you to a post that you helped pray me and my son to. Thank you P.J. for lifting us up! Your prayers are precious, powerful gifts!


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