Friday, December 9, 2011


Good Morning to All!

I know this is quite out of character for me to be posting this early. It's usually 10pm -midnight when I post. I may post again later, but for now I will call this my mini-post.

I was sitting at my desk reading my e-mail, checking out different things, when I happened to look up. Above my computer, I have a shelf of books. On the wall above my books, I have a framed picture of a poem that a good friend from church gave me long ago. I don't know what make me look up, but just as I did, the picture fell off the wall. Now you have to understand, this picture has been in the same place for years and I have never had a problem with it staying on the wall.

I took this as a sign that God wanted me to use it for my blog post and help people to REMEMBER what we are suppose to do. The picture is of the same poem, but a different background. For some reason, I could not get the actual picture that I have to download. The important thing is the poem itself.

Broken Dreams---Let Go and let God!

As children bring their broken toys
with tears for us to mend,
I brought my broken dreams to God
because He was my friend.

But then instead of leaving Him
in peace to work alone,
I hung around and tried to help,
with ways that were my own.

At last I snatched them back and cried,
"how can you be so slow?"
"My child", He said "what could I do?
You never did let Go".


Too many times we try to do things on our own at first and fail. After exhausting every way we can think of to fix our problem, we then cry to God for help. That is our first mistake. We should go to God first.

What makes it even worse though, is like the poem said. Even though we failed on our own, we criticize God for being slow about fixing that same problem. but all the while we are trying to advise Him and stick our hands in the mix only hindering His work.

We need to realize for one thing He KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING. He sees from the END to the Beginning of our existence. He DOES NOT NEED OUR HELP.

Anyway, I said this was going to be a mini-post, so I will try and cut it short. When the picture fell, He put this on my heart. I knew that SOMEONE out there needs to hear this.

Surrender your problem to God and LET HIM FIX IT. Pray and ask for His help. He will provide a way to remedy your situations. Make sure whatever you do about it is HIS will, not your own. If you pray, you will know. Let Him have the reins. God is an excellent driver.

I know that this post didn't turn out to be the "mini-post" I thought it would be, and I spent a lot more time trying to download the photograph I took so what started to take a short time, turned into hours. This will be my post for the night after all. I pray that this post will call out to someone and ring in someone ears as they read it.

Have a Blessed Day,


Frank Blasi said...

An excellent post.
I heard about pictures falling from the wall before.
The story goes that when my Dad's younger sister became ill with kidney failure, at the moment of her death, a picture suddenly fell from the wall. Remarkably, the nail was still in place and the string was intact, not broken.
This took place before I was born, but the story had been in our family ever since.

Anonymous said...

I asked my 3rd son about taking a problem to God last year - and he replied, "God knows what I need. I don't need to ask Him."

I told him, "God's not like your mama. Your mama will just barge right in without permission. God waits for your permission to work in your life - and permission for how much work to do."

I love your poem. I could just see a tug-of-war going on. It made me smile:) I'm learning to take my hands off and give it ALL to God!

Be blessed PJ. You are a blessing!

Anonymous said...

nice post friend...thank you for sharing...wish i could visit everyone more frecuently but are many..and the hours are different but prayers and blessings on your way..remembering the real reason for the holidays..days of peace love and thinking...loves from our home to yours...maranatha..

Pumice said...


I stopped by to let you know I finally noticed you comment and thank you for your kind words.

I stayed to read your post and found it a helpful reminder. We do tend to get in God's way, don't we.

Maybe when Paul was writing I Cor 13 he was trying to remind us what it took for God to love us along with giving us a lesson in what it means for us to love.

Grace and peace.

Angela said...

Hi PJ,
As one commenter said, I wish I could drop by more often, but work and other things get in the way. I love this post. I think the poem needed to come off the wall and into our hearts. I am one of those who used to worry after asking God to fix something, as if worrying could help, or bring my answer faster. I'm now learning to let go and let God. Have a blessed day.

Crown of Beauty said...

This is a timely post for me, dear PJ.

Thanks for obeying the prompt and writing about it!


Sarah (Nikki) said...

Letting go and letting God is great advice.....thanks pj.....hope you have a great weekend

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