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Good Evening to All!
Happy Sunday Everyone! It's that time again! Time to test your knowledge of all those years in church and Sunday School! How well were you listening to the Sunday school teacher when you were a child? To be honest, my favorite part was the singing and the memory verses. I can still remember a lot of the songs which I learned in Sunday school even when I was in elementary school such as "Do Lord, This Little Light of Mine, The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock, and so on, but I digress. Unfortunately my memory is not so good on my memory verses.

I can remember parts of a few, such as The first few lines of the 23rd Psalm, and Psalm 100. I can remember John 3:16 and that's about all from my younger days. The rest of my knowledge has been in the last 12 or so years because I have really "batten down the hatches" and gotten serious about my relationship with God. The only way to do that is to study His Word. After all, how can we learn "how to live for Him" if we don't study His Word?

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1. When Mary wiped Jesus' feet with her hair and perfume, who complained? (John 12:4-5)

a) Martha
b) Peter
c) Judas
d) Thomas

2. When Jesus rode triumphantly into Jerusalem, adoring crowds lined His path with plan fronds and _________. (Matthew 21:8)

3. As Jesus dined at the home of Simon the leper, what specific "wasteful" ointment was poured on His head? (Mark 14:3)

a) honey
b) spikenard
c) myrrh
d) acacia leaf gum

4. What was the first thing Jesus' arresting officers did when He identified Himself in the garden? (John 18:1-6)

a) bound Him
b) dispersed His followers
c) announced His arrest under Jewish law
d) fell over backward

5. What did Judas do with the thirty pieces of silver the Jewish priests paid him for betraying Jesus? (Matthew 27:5)

a) gambled it away in a drunken rage
b) flung it into the temple in a rage
c) lost it to thieves
d) bought a plot of land and proclaimed that paupers could be buried there

6. Jesus explained to Pilate that His kingdom was "not of this world." If His kingdom was of this world, He said, His disciples: (John 18:36)

a) would be angels
b) would be Romans
c) would fight for Him
d) would have abandoned Him long before

7. After killing Jesus, the Roman soldiers at the foot of the cross did what? (Matthew 27:35)

a) they spat on Him
b) they gambled for His clothes
c) they burned the cross
d) they drank His blood

8. What did the Roman guards do to the two thieves crucified beside Jesus that they did not do to Jesus Himself? (John 19:32-33)

a) stole their clothes
b) gave them water
c) cut off their thumbs
d) broke their legs

9. Who joined Joseph of Arimathaea in dressing and bury Jesus' body after His crucifixion? (John 19:38-42)

a) John
b) Thomas
c) Nicodemus
d) no one: Joseph acted alone

10. When Jesus appeared to His disciples inside the locked room after the crucifixion, what was the first thing He said to them? (John 20:19)

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