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"Live Second" 365 Ways to make Jesus First,  is written by Doug Bender as the second book in this "I Am Second" movement I say "movement" because it includes everything from hashtags on Twitter, to videos, books and other tools to help people learn to put Jesus First in their lives.  This book was graciously sent to me as a complimentary gift for my honest and personal opinion by BookSneeze of Thomas Nelson Publishers. All opinions are strictly my own.

 God First, Family Second, then everything else.  That is what I have been taught all my life, even though I haven't practiced it.  When I was little, I went to Sunday school and was taught this, but of course at that age, I didn't understand.  I FINALLY get it.  I enjoy reading and reviewing books, but I absolutely fell in Love with this one.  It is actually a type of devotional, a 365 Daily Reader.  I have read many devotionals as they are really my favorite type of books, but this one seemed to hit home.  His style of writing and the format of the book really helps. Rather than giving a passage, then asking a couple of questions, he gets us to go deeper. Mr. Bender breaks his book down into Sessions, Weeks, and daily lessons.  He writes in a way to really get a person to thinking and Wanting to put Jesus first and helps us to learn just How to do that.  Not by teaching, but challenging us to looking inward and realize what our spirit is telling us. 

He covers all types of subjects to focus on to make our live much more fulfilling and intimate with God. 

An example is the lesson on Hate.  We ALL use that word too freely.  We don't really understand just how "hate" really gets started and how deeply it can hurt us.  It's more than just a word.  He uses the passage of Cain and Abel as a reference point.  He talks about how hate is seen through anger, intolerance, pride, impatience, and even gossip.  We have to change our way of thinking.  Only if we have God in our hearts will we be able to find peace.  We have to start  the process by saying a kind word, or being the one to apologize, or just showing respect for others.  That is a good start. 

He then gives us an example of a prayer.  He wants us to talk to Him, to allow Him to help us to work through this.  To become closer to Him by putting His wishes and desires FIRST and becoming more like Him.

Of course this is just an example.  Between his brief commentary and the biblical text, he got my mind to working.  Then he asked the big questions  "How will you Live more Second today?  How will you share  what you have learned?

I love that.   He even gives a Twitter hashtag to record our thoughts for others to see. 



Doug Bender is an "I Am Second" writer and a small group coach.  He spends his time developing many of the small group tools found at and coaching churches, organizations, and individuals to use I Am Second to share the message of Jesus with their friends and family.  He also works with I Am Second's parent organization, e3 Partners, as a church planter in countries like Ethiopia and Indonesia.  Doug is married to Catherine and has a daughter, Bethany.


This is a TOTALLY AWESOME book,  I personally have never seen one like it.  It makes things seem so simple, yet helps you to get so much deeper in thought of How important it is to put God first as He should be, and helps us with guidance and daily challenges on How to do it.
I recommend this book to anyone and everyone, of all walks of life. I haven't gotten completely through it yet, and I can tell a difference in my attitude and way of thinking already.  This book is different than any one I have ever read before.  Mr. Bender makes each application seem easy because he helps us to delve into a deeper level of our relationship with Christ.  What it is and what it should be.  

Good Day, and May God Bless,



Nicky said...

Hi Patti, Happy New Year, thanks for this book review, it looks as if this could be my next read.x

Frank Blasi said...

I'm so pleased that the book, "Jesus First" has been such a blessing to you.
God bless,

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