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"When Donkeys Talk"  by Tyler Blanski is definitely a different kind of book. I must say it took me several chapters to be able to start really getting into it.  In the beginning,  I couldn't understand his view points.  I knew this was suppose to be about Christianity, but he was spending way too much time talkng about what scientists believed and their perception.   To me that is not an ideal way to help someone gain insight to true Christianity and God's Word.  
"When Donkeys Talk" written by Tyler Blanski was sent to me by  Booksneeze, or Thomas Nelson Publishing as a "free" or complimentary copy for reviewing it.  My thoughts and opinions are my own for which I received no compensation other than the book itself. 

I love a book full of God's Word, a book where you read something and can go right to God's Word and look it up.  While I finally got into this book and was able to get through it, I didn't really care for it.

Although this book told the scriptures where his thoughts could be backed up in the Bible, it was muddled with "stuff".  It read more like a book of fiction because of his way of writing.  He talks about "Atom Land" which I think is supposed to be comprised of the laws of science, and "fixed laws" and "Christiandom" which was suppose to be the land of the Spiritual.  He uses all kinds of "overly educated words that I had to look up before I knew what he was talking about.  

After a while of pushing through, I finally began to see where he was going and understand him, but  disappointed in the book. I feel that he used too much of a highly educated vocabulary for us everyday people, and some of the "words" he used I found offensive. 

I was definitely offended when he spoke of the "myths" in the Bible.  I was offended when he said that "faith is inherited" from parents to child.  While I think he may have meant that the principles of going to church, and the parents beliefs were instilled in the children while they were young, as the children grew they could change their minds and their beliefs, therefore faith is NOT inherited.  Going to church may be taught by the parent, and according to God's Word if a "child is trained up in the way he should go he will not depart from it" speaking of God's teachings and going to church, but the FAITH is nor taught or inherited.  His way of bringing across his points makes it confusing to understand if he is trying to help people understand Christianity or chase them away from the original and true Christian beliefs.

A measure of faith was given to us by God, but we are to increase that faith by our actions of letting God do things in our lives and knowing  that He will be there. To me that didn't sound like the expressions of a true Christian, that knew God's Word, and had an intimate relationship with Him. 

 This is not to say that he isn't because I don't know him, but to me that is the way his style of writing comes across to me.  

I never really got the idea of referring us to the donkey either.  This man referred to the story about Balaam as a myth.  I looked up the word myth and it says that it is a story that "attempts" to explain a basic truth.  This first of all Balaam and his donkey is not an attempt as it actually happened (If you are a true Christian and believe God's Word).  I understand that Mr. Blanski is trying to get people interested in being a "Christian", but for me the way he did it is upsetting.  It just seemed like he was making light, or lessening the "reverence" we as Christians should have in our LORD and SAVIOR.  

I may have him all wrong, but this is just the way he came across to me.

I guess I am just an old fashioned "One God, Apostolic, tongue talking Holy Ghost filled, Christian" who likes learning about God in a straight forward manner according to the Scriptures the way it was, the way it is and the way it will Always be.

As far as recommending this book, I am "on the fence".  If you are a new Christian, or someone who is not sure of what you believe, I would not recommend this book because it's style is confusing.  He has too much of the "scientific" opinions in there and if you aren't careful, you can misread and get confused as to whether he is "pro science" or pro Christian (although, more scientists are believing in God nowadays because of irrifutable evidence that events in the Bible are facts).  

If you are a "mature Christian, or someone who has studied the Bible and are secure in your beliefs, and recognize the scriptures as he gives them, then after a time, this book MIGHT  entertaining to you.

Have a Wonderful Day, and May God Bless!



Frank Blasi said...

Dear PJ,
After reading your blog and seeing the dissapointment in your verdict of the book about the talking donkey, I have come to realise that the author of the above book is more of a "religious liberal" or a "modernist" rather than a true Christian. A modernist is one who says that the Bible contains the word of God where it meets your needs, rather than THE Word of God, as all true Christians believe.
Not suprising that the story of the talking donkey warning Balaam of what's ahead, he classifies as myth. In addition, a modernist usually deny the historicity of the Virgin Birth of Christ and his physical Resurrection.
Going by your description you have given, it looks to me that this book is somewhat of a "halfway house" between the Bible's historicity and Richard Dawkin's book "The God Delusion."
I would not reccommend this book to anyone earnestly looking at the Christian faith.
God bless.

Anonymous said...

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PJ said...

Reply to "Download 7Zip:

Hi there! Thank you for checking out my blog. I did not set up my blog. I was blessed to meet a friend on here who noticed my original one and ask me if she could redesign it for me and of course I said yes. I do know however if you check out they give you guidance for setting one up. If you will check out, she is very knowledgable about all kinds of things INCLUDING designing blogs, as she did mine. Good luck. I'm sorry I had to reply this way, but when I visited your site, I couldn't figure out how to comment. I hope you receive this. God Bless,


Anonymous said...

Hey PJ,

Great review of the book thanks. It obviously isn't a book that I would enjoy either. Thanks again for all your effort in keeping up with your blog. It is a blessing to me.

I'm with you about true sorrow and repentance. It is a VERY misunderstood subject. I believe this is because of the lack of Scriptural teaching about it. In yuour comment you did a great job explaining what true repentance is all about. It added much to my posting.

Although we dont get a chance to somment as much as we used to, it is ALWAYS a blessing to hear from you my friend. You have been such an encouragement to me throughout the past few years of our blogging. Lord bless you PJ. You and your family are always in my prayers and I certainly appreciate your prayers for me as well.

By the way, about the "doctrinal differences". I hope you realize we do agree on about 90 % of our teachings. So actually, there are very few differences between us in the "big picture" of things.

Lord bless you my friend.

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