Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Good Evening to All!

Have you ever thought about the English language?  We “throw” around words so loosely.  No wonder people from other countries have trouble understanding and speaking the language of the “good ol’ USA. 

Take for example the word “revival”.  We in the church circles throw it around like it can be used for anything.  In reality, here is what it means :   renewal of interest:  a renewal of interest in something that results in its becoming popular once more process of reviving somebody: the process of bringing somebody back to life, consciousness, or full strength.  An evangelistic service for the purpose of effecting a religious awakening.
Here is the one I like.  It is the “Call of God for His Church in this hour.  Now, you won’t find those exact words in the Dictionary, but that is what the true meaning of “Revival” to the church world. 

The thing is people tend to assume that Revival is strictly an act of God, when in reality is takes human effort as well.  We have to step out and bring forth “revival”.  It is our attitudes, our actions, our worship and our praise to the Almighty God which allows God to bring us revival. 

One of the dictionary meanings was a restoration of life, consciousness, vigor and strength.  That is what we bring about when we give God the praise and worship which He so aptly deserves.   His Word tells us that He inhabits the praises of His people.  His Word tells us that where 2 or 3 are gathered together in His Name, He is in the midst of them.  The more we praise and worship the bigger the revival, because He fills our hearts. As we give to Him, He gives back to us and fills us with His Spirit.  That in-filling of the Holy Ghost is wonderful enough to bring anyone back to life if they will allow it to happen. We must always keep in mind that we have free will and He will not force us into anything.  We have to allow Him to do it.

I  have sat in many a  “dead” service, (thankfully not where I am attending now).  I always use to blame the church, the people, the Pastor for me not “getting anything from God”.  You know what?  I could not have been more wrong.  It was me all along.  I would not let myself worship and praise God, or give Him the glory which He deserved.  I was too aware of my surroundings. 

It wasn’t until I became Pentecostal and learned I could freely worship by lifting my hands, shouting hallelujah, clapping and just letting my heart swell with His love inside me.  The  more I did this, the more He fed me His Spirit.  To be a little bit carnal, you get out of it only If you put in to it.  I know the old saying is “you get out of it what you put into it, but I also know that whatever we give God, He gives back seven-fold, so we get back much more than we give Him.  This is “revival”. 

It takes action on our part to welcome Him in to our hearts, and our church services.  We can have individual “revival” if we just praise and worship Him every chance we get.  No one says it has to just be in church.  I love going to church services because they are “electrifying for me”, the spirit is infectious when you get a group of people together praising and worshiping, but I praise and worship at home while doing dishes, and there have been times when I got a “revival” spirit. 

I could feel God’s love and spirit welling up inside of me. 
Revival is a wonderful thing.  But we must remember that we can go to church 7 days a week and have a visiting preacher each time, but unless we step out of our comfort zones and put a little effort into the worship and praise, as well as a lot of FOCUS ON God, there will be no REVIVAL.  Revival is a collaborative effort between us and God.

Good Night to All and May God Bless!



Anonymous said...

Hi PJ,

You are so right, there is a tremendous need for true revival among churches and believers in today's time.

Sad to say, many times a true Scriptural revival is confused with an emotional experience and not a true spiritual work in the heart of man by God through the Spirit.

The marks of true revival would include a renewed sense of sin in the life and the need for repentance; a renewed sense of urgency for service and faithfulness in living; and a greater love for the Lord and those around us. All of these combine for a closer walk with Him.

How wonderful it is to experience true revival and the blessings that result from a closer walk with the Lord.

Lord bless you through His Word PJ!

Ceil said...

Hi PJ! I think the lack of 'Spirit' in a church does boil down to it's members, no question. It's just too easy to blame others, or the music ministry or the minister. But they serve me and God. I need to serve them in return with my enthusiastic praise.

I am so glad you found a church where you can praise and be happy with the Lord!
Happy Friday!

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