Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bible Trivia Answers to "THE LAST WORD" and "A LOOK AT 1ST THESSALONIANS"

Good Evening To All!

The answers to last night's Bible Trivia Quiz are as follows:

1.  Stephen  (Acts 7:59-60)
2.  Jacob      (Genesis 49:31)
3.  Elisha     (2 Kings 13:19)
4.  Saul        (1 Samuel 31:4)
5.  Joseph    ( Genesis 50:25)
6.  Moses    (Deuteronomy 33:29)
7.  Joshua    (24:27)
8.  Samson  (Judges 16:28)
9.  Jesus      (Matthew 28:19-20)
10.  The repentant thief on the cross    (Luke 23:42)
11.  David    (1 Kings 2:9)
12.  Eli         (1 Samuel 4:16)
13.  Jesus     (Acts 1:8)
14.  Elijah    (2 Kings 2:10)
15.  Jezebel  (2 Kings 9:31)
16.  Goliath  (1 Samuel 17:44)
17.  Ahab     (1 Kings 22:34)
18.  Jesus     (Mark 16:18)

I hope you did well or learned a lot from this little Trivia Quiz.  Be sure and let me know.

Now, for the "meat" of this post.

There are many books in the Bible that I favor. Proverbs, because of its lessons, but I took another look at 1 Thessalonians. It concerns itself with the "return of Christ" and what we should do to make ourselves ready to meet Him up in the air.   

At this date and time, I think we should all take heed to what this book, along with other books in the Bible such as Proverbs say because they are excellent teachings that if followed will enable us to join our Savior in the heavens.

It teaches guidelines for growing in Godliness.  Godly believers live unto God and for God.  They seek to honor and reflect God in everything they think, say, or do.  Godliness lives quietly, is absorbed in doing good for others and works productively.  Godliness has a good reputation with unbelievers, and last but not least, Godliness is knowing the commands of Scripture and doing them

  • Understand that successful Christian living consists of 1) work that flows from faith, 2) labor that flows from love, and 3) patient endurance that is born of living hope.  Insure that your life is characterized in this manner.  (1:3)
  • Be faithful to intercede for other believers and other congregations.  (3:10)
  • Live your life in order to please God, not yourself (for if you truly have the Holy Ghost within you, your desires will change to be what God wants as well).  my emphesis  (4:1)
  • Live a quiet , peaceful life,  Never gossip.  Be diligent in whatever work you have chosen to do.  Earn a good reputation with unbelievers.  (411-12)
  • Conduct your life, being alert and self-controlled.  (5:6)
  • Practice the commands of Scripture.   (5:16-22)

It has Key Lessons in Faith--The person of faith prays that God will demonstrate His power in the church today.  Faith is able to receive God's Word through human beings, believing God's ability to use human vessels, and faith looks forward to the promise that the Lord will appear a second time for salvation's consummation.

  • Pray that your preaching of the gospel will be attended by the power of signs, wonders, and miracles.  (1:5)
  • Receive the preaching and teaching as God's Word!  Refuse to receive the Scripture as merely human opinion, and avoid negating its authority or nullifying its effectiveness for growth in your life.  (2:13)
  • Encourage brothers and sisters in Christ often, giving hope through expecting Jesus Christ's return.  (4:17)

1 Thessalonians also has Lessons for Leaders.  Although righteous spiritual leaders speak the truth of God boldly, they do so gently.  The are unmoved by flattery or praise from humankind.  They only seek praise from God.  They are diligent workers who never take advantage of those they serve.

  • Leaders, seek to please God, rather than cater to humans.  Never employ flattery; rather speak the truth forthrightly.  Look only to God for praise.  (2:5-6)
  • Leaders, practice gentleness in your ministry.  (2:7)
  • Leaders, understand that ministry means hard work and long hours.  (2:9)

It tells us the Keys to Moral Purity.  The church must sustain a biblical commitment to sexual purity.  The worldly attitude that produces sexually immoral behavior rejects God and His ways.

  • Recognize that sanctification includes sexual purity and moral self-control.  Never defraud others; that is, do not cheat brothers through wrongful sexual liaisons.  (4:3-6)
  • Understand that living in sexual impurity is a rejection of God as well as His Word.  (4:7-8)

Last but not least, I has the Keys to Relating to Authority--Pastoral leadership is a gift from God.  We must treat God's appointed leaders and teachers with appropriate respect. 
  • Honor church leadership.  Recognize that their Bible-based instruction comes with Jesus' own authority.   (5:23)
Good Night, and MAY GOD BLESS!


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