Monday, August 30, 2010

Challenge Answers - Prayers of Petitions and Perseverance

Good Evening to All!

The Answers to Last Night's Bible Challenge- "Tongues to Speak"

1. True (Genesis 11:1)
2. a) sweet (Job 20:12)
3. d) entering God's holy tabernacle (Psalm 15:1-3)
4. b) "apples of gold in pictures of silver" (Proverbs 25:11)
5. c) Psalms (Psalm 34:13)
6. d) they will rot in their mouths (Zechariah 14:12)
7. a) two (John 8:17)
8. the Corinthians ( 1 Corinthians 14:1-14)
9. c) deadly poison (James 3:8)
10. False (Revelation 7:9-10)


You do not have, because you do not ask. (James 4:2)

God has provided a simple way for us to have the things we desire without struggling to get them. The verse for tonight says that we don't have certain things because we do not ask God for them. A prayer cannot be answered if it is not prayed; therefore, we need to pray and ask. The type of prayer we pray when we make requests is called a prayer of petition --and this kind of prayer is important because god does not do anything in the earth unless somebody prays and asks. You see, we partner with Him through prayer. Prayer is simply the means by which we cooperate with Him and work with Him in the spiritual realm in order to get things done in the natural realm. Prayer brings the power of heaven to Earth.

If our prayers are not answered quickly, we may be asking for something that is not God's will for us or God may be waiting to answer because He is developing our faith and helping us build our spiritual muscles as we learn endurance and patience.

We need to petition God and make our requests known to Him instead of trying to make things happen ourselves. We also need to trust His wisdom in how and when He answers. Prayer opens the door for God to work, but our trying to get things in our own effort only frustrates us and hinders God. He is waiting for us to ask and trust His ways and timing. when we do, He will work mightily on our behalf.

God's Word For You Tonight: God wants to do more for you than you can imagine, so start asking boldly.

Devotional taken from Joyce Meyer's "Hearing from GOD Each Morning"

While I totally agree with what Joyce has to say, I think there were things, important things, left out. So I would like to elaborate if I may.

While God wants us to pray and ask for our desires, the verse in John 15:7 says If ye abide in Me and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you. This is one of many verses on this same topic that stipulate that you must be in the will of God, and know HIS will for this to happen. What He is saying is that only if you have a relationship with Him and are in agreement with His will (His will and your will are the same), will this come about. He is not saying that anything you come up and ask for will happen. Since God knows the beginning and the end, since God knows what is to be in your future, what you may be asking for is not in accordance to the will of God, therefore it won't be given. As far as Him answering your prayers, He answers all prayers, it's just that the answer may be no, or it may be not now. He does not go by a time-line like we do. I guess that's why the old saying comes to mind "patience is a virtue". We must be willing to wait on God.

Saying all of this, God also recognizes perseverance. Don't give up asking. As I said, it might just be the wrong time and if you quit asking, He may assume you've changed your mind. Sometimes, I even ask God if He's not answering because what I am asking for is not in His will. Also, another thing that might hinder your prayers from getting answered is if you have done something wrong and have not asked forgiveness from God, and if it had to do with someone else to ask their forgiveness, then repent. Be sincere when praying for forgiveness and repenting. God knows your heart.

Good night to all. God Bless and May All Your Prayers in God's Will Be Answered.



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Niters Sweet Sis !!!!
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I pray for you today. Are you sure about cleaning.....I am quite worried your going to do more harm than good.