Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Good Evening to All!

Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. (Psalm 119:105)

I was hoping to cover another subject tonight kind of in line with last night's, but I feel that God is wanting me to do a bit more studying before I get into it.

I direct your attention to the verse above.

If we will allow it to be, God's Word can be the most illuminating thing in our lives. It can tell us how to raise our children successfully to be wonderful God-fearing people, it can direct us in the way to prosper with our finances, it is very helpful in helping us to have healthy and happy marriages and so many other things.

I love the fact that if I have a question about something whether it be of a practical nature or moral nature, I can go to my Bible and look it up and receive an answer. Of course, it also helps to have loving friends in my church who, if I can't figure out where to look, they can help me. God has an answer for everything. We just have to be humble enough to ask Him, curious enough to look it up, and patient enough to wait on the answer (if it's a prayer).

I can't count the times that I prayed and didn't get an answer very quickly so "I thought I would help God out a little bit" and help myself. I usually ended up messing things up pretty good, then kicking myself because I didn't wait. If I would have waited, things would have worked out much better. It was just the wrong time. God wasn't ready yet. If I would have listened to the Holy Spirit when it nudged me to wait a few more days or not to spend the money, things would have been better. I let impatience get the best of me and suffered the consequences.

God's Word, written and spoken, are and would have been if I would have let it those times, a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

There is nothing more supernatural than the Word of God. I get so frustrated when I hear people say, "it's just a book written by men". That really gets my dander up. It was "penned" by man, but the "author" was God, Himself. He inspired these men and told them what to write. They were His "secretaries or reporters" one might say.

There is not a question that a person can ask that cannot be answered by the Bible. It is full of life's principles, God's mercy toward our reckless disregard for each other and toward even Him at times.

He knows His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts, so He thought enough of us to teach a lot of lessons in parables or examples that we might understand. These parables are filled with truths and lessons for everyone on earth. Not just certain nationalities or ethnicity, but the human race as a whole.

I have asked in the past (when I was a younger Christian) where does it say we can't do this, or we have to do that? I quickly learned that the Bible leaves some things to our common sense. For example, it doesn't say "thou shalt not smoke cigarettes, or do anything to deliberately hurt your body. What it does say is not to defile our bodies. That includes anything that will hurt us, or make us sick. That's just one example there are a lot more I could go into, but I'm not a Pastor. The point I'm trying to make is if a person will PRAY before they read God's Word, it will come alive to them and they will be able to understand a lot more than if they just pick it up and start reading it as words.

If people would look at His Word like a love letter from their parent, or spouse, with all of the affection and attention that they would give to this letter, they would grasp a lot deeper meaning than if it was just a novel or text book they were reading.

The more we read and understand His Word, the easier it will be to hear His voice when He speaks, and the easier it will be to pray to Him. That's another thing I've heard a lot is "I don't know how to pray." By reading His word, you will gain knowledge of the scriptures and according to the Bible, God enjoys hearing His Word spoken back to Him. I'm not saying a person has to pray scriptures, especially in the beginning, but if you will start off by Reading His Word, and praying, then bringing the two together, it will come much easier. I also talk to God just like you and I having a conversation. There is no formal way we HAVE to pray, although the format for prayer according to Jesus is the "Lord's Prayer", meaning to acknowledge who God is, Praise Him, ask your requests and thank Him. If we will show Him that we care enough about Him to include Him and His Word into our lives we would notice a huge difference.

He wants good things for us. He wants us to be successful in everything we do from our jobs, to raising our families and any other endeavor we may undertake, but the only way that will happen is if we care enough to get to know Him by reading and studying His Word, praying, and even spending time with other Christians who will encourage us and lift us up, and even help us with our studies of His Word.

Yes, I choose to let His Word shine a light on my path. We all need this to stay on the path to righteousness.

Good Night To All and May God Bless!


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Carl Ford said...

Walking in the light of the Word is very powerful. As I was reading your post I thought of Psalm 119:130 The entrance of Your words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple. Thank God for the illumination of His Word!!!

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