Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bible Challenge - "CLOAK AND DAGGER" Part 3

Good Evening to All!

Before I get started on the "meat of this post". I wanted to apologize in advance for this coming week. It is going to be a very busy and hectic week for me. I have houses to clean, my good friend Neita is in the hospital again. This time she is in Brownwood Hospital which is thirty five miles from here. She just got to come home a week or so ago from having a stroke, and spending time in the nursing home for rehab. Night before last, she fell and broke her him and her shoulder and is having surgery on her hip. I will be spending as much time at the hospital as possible with her, but this week we are also having Revival at our church, and I WON'T miss that. So it stands that I will be meeting myself coming and going. The reason I am telling you all of this is I hope you will forgive me if my posts are sporadic this week. I will try to post, but I have found if I am overly tired, my brain doesn't function well (worse than usual LOL)!

Now that I have that said, on with the Challenge!

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free glitter text and family website at

1. Besides Lot and his wife, whom did the angels lead out of Sodom? (Genesis 19:15-16)

2. What did God do to Moses' ten spies who brought back negative reports from Canaan? (Numbers 14:36-38)

a) commanded Moses to place them in the front line of battle
b) stripped them of their armor
c) stripped them of their households
d) let them die in a plague

3. After leaving his weapons behind as he fled in haste from King Saul, the fugitive David was given a very special weapon by Ahimelech the priest. What was it? (1 Samuel 21:8-9)

a) the knife with which Abraham intended to sacrifice Isaac
b) the rod of Aaron
c) the sword with which David had killed Goliath
d) King Saul's ceremonial dagger

4. To whom did Nathan first report Adonijah's plot to seize the throne of Israel? (1 Kings 1:11)

a) King David
b) Solomon
c) Bathsheba
d) Benaiah

5. This man grabbed King Benhadad's throne by smothering Benhadad with a wet blanket. (2 Kings 8:14-15))

a) Hazael
b) Ahaziah
c) Jehoram
d) Jehu

6. Jehu slyly killed these two kings and seized power. (2 Kings 9:23-27)

a) Joram and Ahaziah
b) Benhadad and Jehoram
c) Amaziah and Jeroboam
d) Pekah and Ahaz

7. This king was assassinated by his sons Adrammelech and Sharezer--neither of whom succeeded him. (2 Kings 19:37)

a) Saul
b) Solomon
c) Shalman
d) Sennacherib

8. Who hid the royal child Joash for six years from execution by his wicked grandmother? (2 Chronicles 22:10-12)

a) Ahaziah
b) Jehoshabeath
c) Jehoram
d) Jetheth

9. This governor of Judah, appointed by Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, was assassinated because of his lenient policy toward Jewish captives. (2 Kings 25:22-26)

a) Jehoiachin
b) Zedekiah
c) Gedaliah
d) Elishama

10. By what device did Paul escape an assassination plot in Damascus? (Acts 9:25)

a) he exited the city gates disguised with a false beard
b) he exited the city gates hidden in the baggage of an ox cart
c) he mysteriously passed through a mob just as Jesus once had done
d) he was lowered over the side of the city wall in a basket under the cover of darkness

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free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.comfree glitter text and family website at

Have a Wonderful Evening, and May God Bless,



laughwithusblog said...

Oh I'm so sorry! Saying a prayer for your friend!

Frank E. Blasi said...

Wishing your friend a speedy recovery.

Lauren said...

Hi Patti
Just wanted to read your post. God bless you, and hopefully your friend is on her way to being well again!

Carole in the UK said...

Sorry to hear about your friend, PJ,
I pray she will recover whole, with nothing missing and nothing broken.

I pray that God will give you the strength and resources, to give her the help she needs.

Have a blessed week.


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