Monday, February 11, 2013


Good Evening to All!

February is the "month known for the holiday of "commercializing "love".  The stores will be bombarding us with greeting cards speaking of love, all kinds of candy, stuffed animals and flowers.  The jewelry stores will be plastering all of the television networks and newspapers with messages of  how we women just can't imagine not having a new diamond ring or necklace.

The thing is I really don't care ANYTHING about any of those things.  I would just as soon have my husband take me out to eat, or cook for me and wash the dishes.  Anyone can go to a store and spend money, but to do something one doesn't really enjoy doing just to show their spouse that they love them is really special.  Does that thought sound familiar?  On a MUCH, MUCH, MUCH SMALLER SCALE of course. 

And they spat on Him, and took the reed and began to beat Him on the head.  And after they had mocked Him, they took His robe off and pout His garments on Him, and led Him away to crucify Him.  (Matthew 27:30-31)

My devotion for today brought up the movie of years past titled "Love Story".  It mentioned the coined cliche, "Love means never have to say your're sorry."  How wrong can they be?  That is exactly what love is.  Being able to say you are sorry and admitting when you are wrong.  Also if you have not done anything wrong and still saying you are sorry. Love demands that we ALWAYS say we are sorry.  How else can relationships be restored whether they are relationships in families or churches or even at our jobs? 

Saying we are sorry is a type of sacrifice, which is part of love.    To admit falibility is a sacrifice.  We are all human, we ALL make mistakes.  There is no shame in admitting it and to apologize. 

The Answers to the Bible Quiz of this past Friday are as follows:

1.  c--Establish churches in every land  (Matthew 28:18-20)
2.  c--David   (1 Samuel 21:4-5)
3.  b--Is for us  (Mark 9:40)
4.  b--A woman poured expensive perfume on Jesus' head (Mark 14:3)
5.  c--Caiaphas  (Matthew 26:57)
6.  d--Only the Father  (Matthew 24:36)
7.  b--Which of them was most important. (Mark 9:34)
8.  a--Get behind me, Satan   (Matthew 16:23)
9.  d-- All of the above  (Mark 7:33)
10.  c--Ritual hand washing  (Matthew 15:2)

Good Night to All and May God Bless!



Anonymous said...

Pj, I agree 100%. Out of all the people we should be sure we are treating well and never want to misuse.... it is the people we love.
I have always believed that the one I was to treat the best and make sure to always tell her I am sorry is my wife.
Great posting. Thanks.

Lauren said...

:) John and I didn't really do anything for Valentine's Day. There were a few reasons for that. One, we are not really the type to go out and do much anyway because it's relaxing to be at home and just watch television and talk to each other. Two, it's crazy busy on that day because is rushing around trying to get dinner reservations and flowers and candy... or should I say men are rushing around trying to do this and women are just sitting there waiting for something magical to happen. lol Lastly, I know he loves me and he knows I love him. I got him a sweet little card that made him smile and a bag of skittles... because they're amazing! He got me a few roses and a little box of cookies and we were done and happy. Sometimes it is moreso about the little things that you do that is the most memorable, rather than the large, over-the-top gestures that are clearly meant more for the desire to show off to your friends and neighbors. Boo.