Friday, September 18, 2009

"Here I Am Again, Lord!"

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Good Evening to All!

First of all, let me say that I got my title for this post from a book written by Carole Mayhall, by the same title. Thank you Ms. Mayhall. I have mentioned her this way because I don't know how I'm supposed to cite references in a Blog.

Anyway, I come to you with this title because I've done it again. I always say I'm going to get this typed early, and go to bed at a decent hour, but alas, it is 11:35 pm and here I sit all by myself at this computer.

The way the Bible Verse widget ( I guess that's what it's called) works I cannot see what Bible verse is presenting itself, so I'm hoping I got it right. Ephesians 4:29 according to the New King James Version says; "Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification [uplift, enlightenment, moral improvement] that it may impart grace to the hearers. I don't know about most of y'all, but I love to listen to the Kings James Version read, but reading it is a different story. It takes me 3 or 4 times of reading the same verse for it to soak in. Whereas the NKJV, or Message Bible is very easy to understand.

I REALLY need to get that particular verse in my heart. There are a lot of times when I have forgotten that verse existed. You know out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh? Well, sometimes that abundance sure wants to say some things that definitely do not edify. Not saying I use bad language or anything like that, just that I would sometimes like to let some people put the shoe on the other foot. Such as when they are sitting at the same table as me in a restaurant and snap their fingers at the waitress. That happened to me tonight, and I was a good girl. All I said was "it's good I'm not sitting next to him. He was the boyfriend whom I had never met of one of my husband's nieces and needless to say, me being a former waitress for 30 years, it didn't set well with me. I just don't understand rude people. What made it worse was several people sitting around him thought he was funny. I wanted to crawl under the table.

Please, please, please. As a waitress for 30 years, I have seen a lot , and heard a lot of what I would call "waitress abuse". Please do not whistle or yell at the waitresses. Notice their name tags and whenever possible call them by name. I never did like "Hey YOU". If you need to get the waitress' attention either call her by name, clear your throat rather loudly, motion for her, or rise up and go to her.

I once did something I'm not too proud of , but I felt justified at the time. A man whistled very loudly at me, and when I got through with my other table , I went over to his table and quietly barked at him, and told him I was not a dog, told him my name, and pointed to my name tag. Luckily, it wasn't the busy time of day, so there weren't many people in the restaurant. I understand how frustrating it can be when it doesn't seem like you're being seen about properly, but there are ways to deal with that ,other than calling attention to yourself in a bad way. Asking to see the manager, not leaving a tip, or leaving a penny upside down definitely sends the message.

Boy! I don't know what got me on my soapbox again tonight, but Thank You for letting me "vent".

I hope you enjoyed my post about my Tennessee trip. I will be talking some more about it later on, as we also went to Nashville and have lots of pictures from there. I do know one thing though. When I decide to insert pictures in that number again, I will definitely start earlier than 10pm. Either that or get a lot more proficient at it one picture at a time! HaHa. Do you realize how many post it would take when I have over one hundred pictures? Nah! I wouldn't do that to y'all, maybe just 88! Ha!

I think it is time to call it quits for the night as I have to get up early and head to Stephenville tomorrow, (or should I say later, it's 12:50 am). Once again, thank you for letting me vent. Maybe once I start being able to advertise and do book reviews and the like I won't type so much. Have a good night and May God Bless You All! Don't forget, if you would like prayer or just to tell me something be sure to leave it in the comments section. Thank you.


1956 New King James Version Holy Bible
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Lynette said...

PJ you keep late hours. Of course I keep early ones. Started a lil after 4 am myself today. Well? I like what you have to say as I too waitressed in my day. Here in town when I go have coffee, my regular waitress knows I want something when I say...Hey Beautiful. She smiles and comes with the coffee pot every time!

Lynette said...

You have an award waiting for you at

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