Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I think I Finally Made It!

Day 6: The Jesus Storybook BibleImage by Travis Seitler via Flickr

Yea! I think I finally am going to get this post typed before the stroke of Midnight!

Today was a day like any other. I went to "Curves", came home did 3 loads of laundry, and fixed lunch and supper.

I actually realized that some of what Lynette is teaching me is finally soaking in, although moving my award around on the side of my blog and SAVING it hasn't settled into it's rightful place in my brain yet. I know how to move it around, I just can't get it to stay there. Not to mention I must be blind. There is supposed to be a place to "save it on top and bottom of the screen, and I haven't found either one yet. I will eventually get there though.

In my article for Associated Content, I was able to put what she had taught me about links to the test, and they worked! The only problem with that is, I did that yesterday. Last night when I was notifying my nominated "friends of blog world" about the award, I forgot that I was supposed to link them to my site. When Lynette told me, I had already forgotten how to do it? When did they say Alzheimer's usually sets in? No, I won't belittle that disease by kidding about it, I'm just plain forgetful.

I love the Bible verse at the beginning of this post. That's one verse that keeps me from giving up some times. When things seem to go wrong one right after the other, I just keep telling myself that I'm growing in patience, and that seems to help me get through the rough times and also telling myself that GOD IS IN CONTROL. While looking for a picture to put into place for the Bible Verse, I ran across this one, which spoke to me. I don't have children, but I can't stress the importance of not only reading to children to instill the love of books and reading, but also to read the "right kind of books". Times becoming what they are, the shape that the world is becoming, it is so important to read books with good morals, and life lessons, such as Dr. Seuss and Bible stories. After all, who else can the children depend on for teaching these types of things? Surely not the schools. They're too busy trying to kick God, and Christmas out of the schools. I don't understand that. You never hear of them wanting to ban the mention of any other holidays, why pick on Christmas? After all, if I weren't for Christ they or us for that matter would probably not be here. Ok, enough of the soap box issues.

Well, here's hoping that tomorrow brings something of interest to the table. I have a house to clean, and the gentleman I do housekeeping for is very interesting to talk to. He's 87 year-old widow who's mind is as sharp as a tack. He stays up on all the current events, politics and such, and can remember things about when he was in the war just like it was yesterday. He and his "war buddies" have a reunion I believe he told me once a year and he is compiling records of things that happened in his company back then. He collaborates with several of the guys he was in the war with. I really enjoy talking to him. Anyway, maybe I'll have something interesting to talk about tomorrow. I better close this out and get to bed at a decent hour tonight, as his house is an all-day job and I have to be up to the task for it, as it is a large house.

Oh! Before I forget ....AGAIN, in one of my earlier posts with a title about not turning into a "punkin", that was not a typo. My dad used to call me punkin instead of pumpkin. I just thought I would throw that out there in case someone enjoyed looking for mistakes.

Just in case anyone out there is a fan of Christian-based articles, I have written 3 articles for Associated Content.com, 2 of which have to do with Christian issues, such as Salvation. http://http//www.associatedcontent.com/article/2149753/salvation_or_misconceptions.html. Let me know what you think.

This is the first one I wrote. Well, I didn't make it before midnight, because I was fighting with pictures and links. One of these days, I'll look back on these lack of sleep nights and say "it was all worth it". I did however, order a Blogging for Dummies book today. Maybe that will help.

Well, it's "tomorrow" and I'm still editing. I looked at my post this morning, and found that I had duplicated some of what I wanted to say. I guess I was more tired than I thought. Hopefully, this will take care of it, as I have to go on with my day. I'm not sure if I corrected everything or not, but I will try and do better on the next one. I guess it would help if I would do like most "sane" people, go to bed at a decent time, wake up refreshed, and then type. Here's looking to better written posts!

Remember to check out my 'article" and tell me what you think about it, and leave me your prayer requests on my comments.


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Lynette said...

lol your getting it bit by bit and there is so much i don't know that i ask nessa to help me with. anyway.....
hey one paragraph is duped up there. look n see!

Lynette said...

award moved too!

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