Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Bible, Facebook, and A Computer Junkie

Holy Bible, dated 1885, antique gold lettering...Image by Wonderlane via Flickr

Hello All!

I was looking for a picture to go with something that I was rambling on about, when I ran across this one. It is a Bible dated back to 1865 engraved in gold, made of leather and board, and held together with Dental Floss. "Go figure". I would have never thought about that. Anyway, I thought that was interesting. I hope it (the dental floss) wasn't used! LOL

I thought I was going to have a really neat video to show y'all tonight, but I haven't figured out how to import or link within yet. I'm taking baby steps you see. Just like in the Bible where it says to give "baby Christians milk at first, then gradually get them to eat meat, (that's definitely paraphrasing) but you get my drift. Anyway, I'm taking baby steps, but wanting expert's results. I can't find it in my "dummies" book either. That is unless it's hidden away in some sub-sub-topic under link. There's definitely nothing about importing in it. Oh well, I'll see if I can get hold of my "run to gal" tomorrow. I better be careful. Lynette is liable to start charging me. I don't know why it seems like it takes sooooo long for anything to sink in. My hubby kids me about having Alzheimer's. Don't tell him, but sometimes that thought scares me to death. I am so dense and dingy at times I scare myself.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I'm am truly hoping that I will be able to post this wonderful Very Short video that I received. I just know all of you will love it.

I have got to learn to pace myself. I am a computer junkie. I have been awake (totally) since 9am. I got on the computer and started looking at Blogs about 10 and have been on the computer with the exception of putting in some laundry washing the dishes and watching one episode of "Bones" the rest of the time! Now, is that a computer junkie or what?! My hubby does pretty much the same, he putters around from about 7-10am, then he comes in and watches old western movies on the computer, til about 1pm takes a nap til 3 or 4, then gets up and starts watching those "westerns (1930's and 40's) until bedtime 10-11, for him. It's a good thing we have separate rooms we're like night and day. He's a morning person, and I'm a night owl.

Oh, you know I told you I couldn't get on my favorite page in Facebook? Well, I don't know what happened, but I was able to get back on today. A Big Thank you to God. He knew I missed it. For the short time I have been on there, I really feel like I am able to witness to people and maybe even do some good when people ask questions.

It is so strange when I look BACK at my life. Back then, I would have never guessed that I would feel the way I do about God. I never disbelieved, I guess I was what you would call "luke-warm" and you know what the Bible says about that. Thank God He brought me to my senses. No telling where I would be today if He hadn't.

I tried and tried to figure out some key words and key phrases that would help my blog, but to know avail. I think I've used the words Bible and God too much as far as keywords go. I tried to look up my blog with those words and I think its out in oblivion. I was going to use Adwords, but I have to wait so I can pay them first. I was kinda hoping I could find a "free" one until I actually get to start advertising, but I've got to get this going in case my legs and back get to the point of me not being able to clean houses anymore. It seems like it's coming up on me pretty fast. I do ok in short bursts. Ask Lynette. The 30 minutes I'm at Curves I can go pretty good. After about 30 minutes of cleaning a house, I have to sit down and rest my back for a while, or do something where I can sit. Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting this baby in a pretty good position to advertise pretty well by December. (I hope I can last that long). I'm not looking to get rich by any sense of the word, just make enough to pay a few of my own accrued bills like Fingerhut (I'm addicted to that company)incidentally, did you know that's actually the man's name who started the Fingerhut Company? I would have never thought of that as being a person's last name. Curves is my ownly other monthly bill unless I have to go to the doctor. they aren't much, but I don't want my husband to pay it cause I'd never live it down. We've both been married 2 times before this, and he got burned pretty bad by ex'es so is pretty gun shy about money. I don't mind paying my extra spending money bills because he pays all the others and buys most of the groceries, and while I try to keep up with my medical bills as they come in, every once in a while they add up to more than I can pay so he pays them, but like I said, he reminds me when he does.

I guess I'd better close and get some shut-eye. 7:30 am comes early when you haven't had much sleep.

Good Night and May God Bless!


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Anonymous said...

Hi PJ.

Your last few comments haven't had your email or profile linked up through your name in your email?


Lynette said...

PJ, sorry been off line so much this week. Been a busy one and next week will be also. Whew! So much to catch up on here. So I am off and reading your weeks of blogs!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for wishing my cousin a happy birthday!

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