Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nashville Studio "B"

Hello Everyone!

Tonight I am going to continue our tour of Nashville,Tennessee. We will be touring the famous Studio B- Recording Studio to the stars. Such stars as Ernest Tubb, "The Tennessee Plow boy" Eddie Arnold, and Elvis Presley to name a few.

Here we are at the outside of the studio. I was actually asked by someone if the guitar was a real one. I told them it would take "a giant of a man" to play it. It is quite large and I would imagine quite heavy. Of course, I laughed when I said it. I didn't see anyplace on the guitar to hook up an amp. Ha! This next picture (below right) is one of the first awards given to Eddie Arnold in recognition of his accomplishments and his nickname, The Tennessee Plow boy.

The studio is still being used today by some of the stars and also as a learning center for the University in Nashville for their recording majors, learning the ropes of mixing and dubbing, the old fashion way. They have to know both to graduate if I'm not mistaken.

This is the actual piano which Elvis Presley played when he was recording his albums. Sorry about the arm and elbow, I was snapping the picture when I was walking over to play it. I was going to try and get a better angle, but when the guide said we could play it if we wanted to , I took him up on his offer before he could change his mind.

This mural (below right) is what they have out in the lobby. It is so life-like! When you walk in, if you aren't paying attention, at first glance you would think that it is Eddie Arnold and I think Jim Reeves standing at the mikes singing. This picture doesn't do them justice. One thing I'm definitely not is a photographer. I guess amateurish pictures are better than no pictures, at least I hope so.

This concludes our tour of Studio B tonight. I hope you have enjoyed it. I have many more pictures of the Hall of Fame such as Porter Wagoners clothes, Dolly Parton's clothing, and several different wigs that she wore, Elvis' white (gold trim) caddy, and many other articles of different stars.

Now to tell you the truth after seeing all of this in Nashville, for my money (or should I say my husband's money) I'd take Chattanooga any day! I'm more of an action kinda girl instead of sight-seeing. Anyway, we had a blast both places and we both got to do what we enjoyed. We would have seen more, but hubby was getting too tired to walk around. He wanted to see Ernest Tubb's record shop, but it was closed.

Once again I hope you enjoyed the tour and that it made you want to go on vacation to Tennessee.
Good night All and May God Bless.



Lynette said...

looks like a fun vacation,
where are yall off to next?
i loved touring washington dc

Anonymous said...

I wanted to comment about your name showing up in the profile at the help forum. I used to have a different username, and one that was easily recognizable as to who I was. Someone I know was "following me around" on the web and so would Google my username to find my activity.

Well, I came to the help forum for a totally different issue and then I see this username pop up. Huh? I thought I had deleted all traces of it. Come to find out, I had filled in a something at Yahoo (The account I used at Google until recently) and it asked for a nickname. This is the name they chose to use as my username in the help forum. Even after finding and changing this form, it still came up with that name I wanted to hide. :(

You may not intended to use your name, but it somehow got connected to you. I wish I could tell you there is an easy way to remove it without using a different account.

I didn't want to post all that in the very public group, so I came to comment at your blog. I hope you do not mind.

On another note: It is beautiful to see Scripture at the top of a blog. :)

Lord bless you,

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