Sunday, October 25, 2009

Prayer Changes Everything

"Prayer Changes Everything Ideas and Notations for Inspired Prayer Time"

The above quotation is the title of a little book which was given to me by a precious lady in my church several years ago, I have read it many times. It is full of so many good ways to fit God into your day without even realizing after a while. It becomes a lifestyle just as "eating right" or "exercising." Granted at first it takes planning and thought, because it is not of the ordinary routine things that you might do, but after a while it does become part of your routine and if you forget or don't have time to add Him to your curriculum you will definitely miss Him.


"Since we live by the Spirit let us keep in step with the Spirit." Galatians 5:25
Even in the midst of our busyness, we have opportunities to "keep in step with the Spirit." We can make choices which keep which keep us on that path, in the way we act and react to each situation we encounter. We can choose to handle each situation with those qualities Galatians describes as the fruits of the Spirit:
love, joy,
patience, gentleness,
faith, meekness, and temperance.

Picture yourself walking in the Spirit today. think about how that feels and how it changes your perspective. Feel His arms around you. Admit your struggles to keep walking in the faith. Ask for Help. Ask for reminders of His love. Seek the blessing in all that you have to do. See the good. Believe that the Spirit of God rests within, around and because of you.
Today was a really neat day. We had an excellent Sunday School lesson about Faith Scripture text Luke 18:1-8. He was talking to the Pharisees and He said to them in verse 8, I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? Then our Worship Service was also very good. Brother Hardin spoke on How the devil has been stealing, and destroying everything from the time of Adam and Eve. He stole our innocence. We were originally intended to live in the garden with God forever, but the devil stole that away from us by deceiving Eve. He took away our peaceful existence. He caused jealousy to come upon Cain so that he would murder Able, and he is ultimately the cause of the decline of the human race. Anyway, I didn't mean to give a sermon, I just thoroughly enjoyed the message. One last thing and I will change the subject. Just remember, the devil really enjoys it when he can cause strife, disruption, grumbling, complaining and arguing to name just a few things.
Later on this afternoon, we had a birthday party for one of the precious ladies of our congregation. She turned 95 years old and is just as sharp as a tack. Happy Birthday, Grace! Hope you'll be around for many more. I was going to put a picture of her birthday cake on here, but she and another lady were in the picture and I never put up photos of people without asking them first. I checked on the internet just for a picture of a "sheet" birthday cake, but they only had kid's birthday cakes. Besides that my silly computer is extra slooooow tonight because of bad weather. We have Hughesnet satellite, and it's just like the TV. It keeps losing its signal, so it takes for ever to connect to the internet. That is so strange. I do spell checks on all of my posts. I can't for the life of me figure out why TV is supposed to be capitalized. It is a title of anything or name. Go figure.
I think I'll go ahead and close for tonight as I don't think this storm is going to let up and I don't want to be up at 1:00am typing.
Good Night and May God Bless.

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Anonymous said...

About the birthday cake picture, do you know how to crop? Do you have some kid of photo editor. That's what I use for my photos to resize and crop. On my "for Fun" blog, I never, ever put full faces of my children, but I can get some creative shots of different parts of them, like mouths or eyes.

Last year we were in Kalona, Iowa and I found what I thought was an outhouse with a horse and topless buggy tied outside of it. I get out the camera, because it seemed a strange lonely place for an outhouse when Papa said, someone is on the phone in there. Oops! I hope they didn't see me with the camera. I will not ever knowingly take a picture of an Amish person. I will get shots of clothes lines, parked buggies, etc. Did you know there is a name for taking pictures of the Amish without their permission? It's called 'poaching'. I learned that recently. I've been "poached" and I don't like it. I was sure tempted to pull out my camera and do the same thing to that fellow, but I know it was not a Christ like thing, so I refrained.

About responding to comments, if it is something directly related to the post, I will respond on that post, hoping the commenter will come back. Also, I have found people come to read the replies and learn more from the comments than the post itself, when I answer there. If it is personal in nature, I will email if I have their address. I really do not like going to their blog to respond (like here), because it really is not related to their post, but I do this if I am not sure the person will come back and I think it is important.

In saying all that, really it doesn't matter, because a reply is nice, regardless. Blogger does not have the ability to "reply" with a notification like other blog places do, so you do what you have to do.

About spell check, I use it too, but I "ignore" much of it, because like tv, it doesn't matter either way, or it doesn't recognize a lot of names. On that note, did you notice how you spelled "Abel"? :)

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