Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Branson Trip

Good Evening to All!

As promised, I have some pictures of our Branson trip all ready to upload.

I must say, once we got there, we had a blast. Of course that's usually the way it works. The trip is pretty stressful because of the traffic, detours for some reason, everywhere we go there are always detours and we get lost. Hubby always finds his way around eventually, but the detours are enough to drive a person bonkers. Anyway, Don had planned on getting into Branson about 2 or 3. It was about 5:30 if I remember correctly. We didn't do much that night except find a little something to eat and go to sleep.

The next day, we went to the Roy Rogers Museum and Show, which I already showed some pictures of, but have plenty more. I've never been a very good photographer. My hubby's got some great pics, but I don't know how to get them off his lap top. I'll get him to upload them on my flash-drive tomorrow. As you can tell, that is Dusty Rogers, Roy's son. He has a band called the High Riders. I tell you, if you close your eyes when he's singing it sounds
almost identical to Roy Rogers. He even came off stage and started telling us about his family Christmas'. In the theater, they had a Very large star of David, with a cross in the middle. He said his mom (Dale Evans) had it made special because so many people kept sending her Christmas cards that said Merry Xmas, and she didn't like the way they had taken "Christ out of Christmas, so she had that made and put on their roof every year til she passed in 2001. Anyway, I guess that is what impressed me the most was how much he talked about Christ during his show. Another place we went was to see Andy Williams. You youngsters may never heard of him or his records, but he was my mom's favorite singer and I can remember sitting in front of the tv every week and watching his variety show and hearing him sing. I have always loved his voice. He also told some pretty cute jokes. Anyway, that was an excellent show and brought back a lot of fond memories of my mom. She has been passed away since I was 13 years old, and when things like this or her favorite Christmas song, or something like that comes along, I still get pretty emotional. Her birthday was the 11th of November also. Anyway, I really enjoyed the show and thinking of mom.
Another place we went was Butterfly Palace. It was a really neat place also, but I guess I'm gonna have to wait on showing anymore pictures because this farce of a "fast speed internet" is so slow, the pictures won't upload. I'll have to wait until tomorrow I guess. I'm sorry. I have lots more places and things to tell you about and show you pictures. I click on the picture icon, but nothing happens. It's after midnight, so I guess I'll close and tell you more about our fantastic trip tomorrow. I hope that I can upload more pictures than I did tonight. I have some really nice ones of the Butterfly Palace, and an Antique Car Museum, and also for the History buffs, I have some neat picture of the Veterans' Memorial Museum. The Trail of Lights, (Christmas) was really pretty also. Anyway, see ya tomorrow.

Good Night All and May God Bless!



Lynette said...

so glad your back
but i am sorry Curves is closed due to illness


alisha said...

PJ, this is Alisha, Ridge's mom...and YES you can definitely put Ridge on your prayer list! THANK YOU! and thank you for praying for him.

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