Thursday, January 28, 2010

Good News and Guidance from the Book of Proverbs

Good Evening to All!

First let me share some good news! My Pastor, Brother Hardin is home tonight. As most or all of you know, he suffered a stroke (the 2nd since right before Christmas). He was listed as critical because he had a blood clot at either the base of his skull or brain, (I'm not sure which). Anyway, they were unsure about "lingering effects", because they didn't get him taken care of within the 3 hour window, but God came through as He always does. There were no lingering effects, no clots around his heart and his TEE test came out clear (heart test). I consider this a miracle because he made it through not one but two strokes within less than two months with no after effects. God is SO Good!

I hope you won't mind, but I wanted to continue my post about Proverbs, as I feel that even though ALL of the Bible is important, to me, Proverbs is one of the most important because it gives us a guideline as to how God wants us to conduct our lives. These are the 5 (last night's included) most dominant themes in Proverbs.

As you remember, last night I wrote about Attaining wisdom and gaining understanding.

Tonight, I will continue, by starting with

Truth - Proverbs teaches:
Acquiring Knowledge

The knowledge of Proverbs consists of more than information, facts, and sense data. It is knowledge that begins with the fear (respect) of the Lord and is therefore Godly knowledge that always includes Him as the primary factor. Because of its divine source it comes with understanding implied rather than being said outright.

Action Proverbs invites:

2:4-6; 24: 13, 14 - Seek out knowledge. Cherish it as a valued possession when you have found it.
3:5, 6; 22:17-21 - Study God's Word and listen to the Holy Spirit. Believe God's prophets. Understand that these are the true sources of godly knowledge.
14:3; 15:23; 20:15 - Be prudent in how you give out knowledge. Do not stray from the words of knowledge. Share your knowledge with restraint and do not let it become a source of pride.

Loving Instruction and Heed Reproof

Truth Proverbs teaches:

Discipline involves both instruction and exercise designed to train in proper conduct or action. Punishment may also be inflicted as a means of correction.

Action Proverbs invites:

9:7-9; 17:10 - Embrace the discipline of instruction and heed reproofs (disapproval, criticism) gladly. Realize that man is inclined to turn away from both.
10:8; 13:18 - Follow instruction diligently. Accept the correction of reproof. Value their lessons. Seek after both instruction and reproof.

The Wise Vs. the Fool

Proverbs presents 2 categories of people: the wise or prudent and the fool, scoffer, or mocker. The former seeks wisdom and loves instruction; the latter neglects discipline and spurns reproof. Also, each can be characterized by his response to parental and other authority, the former bringing joy and delight, the latter bringing shame, disgrace, and sadness. Proverbs exhorts its readers to become wise and despise the foolish and his folly.

Action invites:

10:14; 16;24; 17:27; 28 - Be careful in what you say. Measure every word. Do not speak unless it is important that you do so. speak only in order to build up and strengthen. Be diligent in all your work.
6:6-11 - Avoid any form of laziness. Serve those too whom your lot assigns you with gladness. Seek to please those under or for whom you work.

3:9; 27, 28; 10:4, 5; 17:18; 23:-1-3, 19-21, 26-28, 29-35 - Be frugal in your handling of money. Practice good stewardship. Avoid being either a spendthrift or a miser. Learn the proper investment of time and substance. Do not consume unnecessarily. Use, do not abuse the things God gives you. Avoid drunkenness, excessiveness, and immoral sexual conduct.

The Proper Discipline of Children
Truth Proverbs teaches:

Perhaps biblical wisdom most significantly challenges our modern philosophies and practices of childrearing.
Action Proverbs invites:

22:6 - Train children to honor authority, obey and follow instruction. Discourage rebellion, stubbornness, and disobedience.
13:24; 19:18 - Practice consistent discipline and corporal correction in rearing children. Recognize that children are trained to obedience by these.

Goodness! I definitely feel as though my toes have been stepped on! I definitely see a lot of things I need to work on. Especially my incessant talking, my hubby tells me no one can get a word in edge-wise, but I can't tell, cause I'm always talking! Ha. Anyway, that a several other things from this study I will be working on. Maybe it will rub off on my writing also, that way, I can twitter without having to constantly go back and revise what I want to say so it will fit. Ha!

I hope this was an enjoyable lesson. I am trying to change my posts up a bit so you don't get bored with me.

"BLOGGY BUSINESS" as My good friend Yaya @ Yaya Stuff says.
I received this very "sweet" award from Yaya at Thank you so much, it really means a lot to me.

Now, to figure out 10 things to say about myself.

1. I'm a people-pleaser
2. I'm self conscientious about everything.
3. I'm a devoted Christian ( although God's still working on me)
4. I love talking about God
5. If you ever need a filibuster, I'm your girl! I can talk for hours.
6. My favorite colors are pink and purple
7. I enjoy fishing
8. I'm immature for my age. ( at 56 that's a good thing).
9. My favorite tv shows are NCIS, Bones, and CSI.
10 I love to blog and love my bloggy friends.

Ten people I would like to send this award to:
Please let me know if I messed up your link which is totally possible as it is 4:04am and I have been working on this post since 9:pm last night. I don't think I will ever get the hang, no I think I finally did at the very last, but then I realized that some of your blogs are award-free. I knew it, I had just forgotten. Anyway, please let me know if this is the case so I can change them. Just know that my thoughts are with you and I thought about who I was giving it to. Also, if I didn't fix your link correctly let me know so I can get that to you. I don't think too well this time of morning.

1. Sherry at

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4 Rachel at

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Rachel of Mxdthingz, I wasn't sure if you could get awards on networked blogs or not, as I still don't know how all that works, but anyway, I wanted you to have one.

One of these days I'm actually going to learn how to do this where it won't take me all night. LOL.

Good Night to All (or should I say morning, as it's 4:10 am) and May God Bless!

Love & Prayers,



Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to accept my award!

Fran Babij said...

Thank you so very much for giving me this award! That was so sweet of you!!! Thanks for your comments too! I'm so glad you enjoy the AMH blog and I'm so thankful that you find it encouraging! That's my heart desire is to encourage people.
I'm really enjoying your insights here on your blog also and look forward to reading more. :)
God Bless,

R.L.Scovens said...

Thank you for the award! I appreciate your support. I love meeting wonderful people in the bloggy world!

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