Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Master Plan

Good Evening to All! I felt like last night's post (Thursday night was-Friday morn) kind of over-did it. I didn't mean for it to be that long, but when I get to typing that type of information, I hate to quit in the middle. Also, it wouldn't do to not complete the bloggy business and pass on the award which I was so generously given. All would have been well, except for my blogging ineptness. (is that a word?) Anyway, I was originally trying to make the URLs the links and not the names, but I couldn't get it to work, so I started over and just made the names the links. I hope everyone got them that wanted them. I realized too late that some were award-free blogs, but hopefully it's the thought that counted. I learned my lesson. I'm going to leave the more advanced linking to my expert blogger friends and just stick with the smaller links.

UPDATE: Brother Hardin is home and from what I could tell tonight doing pretty good! We started a 3 day Revival tonight with Brother Bernedini from Eastern Houston (I can't remember the name of the suburb). Anyway, it was an excellent service. The Holy Ghost really stirred there tonight. Brother Hardin was there. He looked tired but good. It's great to have him and his family home. Please continue to keep Brother Hardin in your prayers. He has to go back in two weeks for a check up on the blood clot that is either at the base of his skull or the base of his brain. I can't remember which. It was too large to do surgery on and I don't think they could get it completely dissolved for fear of it being dislodged and going to his brain. Please pray for a full recovery. NO one should have to go through this, let alone a 47 ( I was off by a year) old man.


I formed a master plan for life
in the green years' dawning glow,
Not comprehending, naively,
The truth I could not know.

I only planned for happy hours,
I sketched in sunny days;
On my horizon not a cloud
Presaged the storm God's ways.

I left no place, no room at all,
For grief; could not foresee
That pain and loss were down the way,
Just waiting there for me.

I could not know my firstborn son
would have a stay so brief
And leave behind an emptiness
Akin to a fallen leaf.

I hadn't left a space for loss,
I only planned for gain,
But I expected rainbows
Though unprepared for rain.

My plan was aimed for large success,
No page contained defeat;
No slow, discouraged footsteps
Trudged down my private street.

Then when life didn't follow through
the blueprint I had made,
I couldn't understand at all
and found myself dismayed.

But life wrote other plans for me
Which wisely it withheld,
Until I learned I needed more
Than what I'd blithely spelled.

And now life's in gray twilight,
By pain and sorrow blessed,
I know how wisely life has planned
I know it's plan was best.

Gladys Lawler, age 93

I will never use age as an excuse for my forgetfulness or dull thinking ever again. This lady is 93 years old and can write this beautiful poetry. My hat's off to you Ms. Lawler!
I am not usually one who likes poetry but every once in a while, I run across some that just touch my heart and "hit home". This is one of them. Also, there is a gentleman from Brazil named Luiz Sommerville following my blog
who writes wonderful poetry.

Good Night to All and May God Bless!

Love & Prayers



Diane Webb said...

God bless you too. Have been praying for pastor Hardin and am expecting another miracle for him.

Anonymous said...

Don't ever apologize for any post. It's your blog, you can write whatever you want!

Anonymous said...


Worderful work, a great performance.
Poetry it´s like a heart beating, Pray and prayers they are the candles of life!
Many,many and many thanks
God bless you too.
Have a nice Sunday.

...and a song for this moment :
- "let the sunshine in"

A Kiss


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