Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Momma's Picture Book

Good Evening to All!

The following is an inspirational poem from the booklet "especially for Mom's. The next time your child ask you what Jesus looks like, read them this poem.

Momma's Picture Book

We were sittin' 'round our table just a talkin' 'bout
Our Lord.
I said 'I said "What did Jesus look like Mom? I can't find

it in the Word."
I said "I read about our Savior in the good Book
as you know,

But the Bible just don't tell me things that I'd like
to know.

I said, "The Bible will not tell me the color of His

His special style of clothing, nor even what's His
Did he wear His hair cut short, or did He let it

"Mom, why don't this Bible tell me things that I
would like to know?"

Mom put an arm around me and said, "Son, let's
take a look."
Then with her gentle, work-scarred hands, she
opened up the Book.
Oh, she bowed her head and said a prayer, but
Momma did that every time.
Then she started flippin' through the pages and
said, "Let's see what we can find."
She said, "Doesn't He look gentle here as He holds this little child?"
And "Oh, there's the man side of Him, son, in the

Temple gone half wild."
She said, "We can see His great compassion as
He heals the leper's sores."
And "He has mercy on the prostitute, bound for
Hell's dark shores."
She said, "My, He looks so humble as He washes
all their feet."
"Imagine the power that divides five loaves and

fishes, so several thousand souls might eat."
She said, "Son, you forget about His hair and
clothes and the color of His eyes."
"It's not an accident, my child, that we're not told

His size."

"For those are only outside things, they'd just get
in the way..."like color, clothes, and those

outside things do so much today."
She said, "No my son, we'll never know how
many tears He cried."

"And we can never feel the agony He Must have
felt inside."
"but we can see Him clear

Jesus feeding a crowd with 5 loaves of bread a...Image via Wikipedia

ly there as He hangs
on Calvary's tree."
"And we can tell the world about the awesome
love He has for you and me."

Well, my Momma's gone, but the Book's still
there, it's pages worn and read, Now every
time I pick it up, I hear what Momma said.
Friends we can see what Jesus looked like, if we will only look.
We just need to look inside, My Momma's Picture Book!

Author is Unknow

I really enjoyed this poem and I hope you did also. I have wondered the same thing about what Jesus really looked like as a human, and why it didn't give the "particulars" in the Bible, and my "Bible study teacher said it this way. It was only put in the Bible if God considered it to be important. Made sense to me! Obviously He wanted us to concentrate on the innermost parts of our being, after which our outer being would change also if need be.

Good Night to All and May God Bless!

Love & Prayers,


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