Monday, February 22, 2010

Answers to Bible Challenge and Nothing Is Impossible

Good Evening to All!

The Answers to the Bible Challenge "Books of the Old Testament Part 2" are as follows:

1. a) Leviticus (Leviticus 16:5-10)
2. b) Ruth
3. 31
4. Ecclesiastes 3
5. c) Daniel (Daniel 5)
6. Jeremiah
7. d) Jerusalem (Lamentations 1:8)
8. a) Obadiah
9. d) Nineveh (Nahum 1:1)
10. c) begins with a complaint and ends with a psalm


Devotional - Nothing is Impossible

"And looking at them, Jesus said to them, 'With people, this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."' Matthew 19:26 (NASB)

"Sanjay's" new faith astounded us. Even though we continually taught him that he should pray fore others and trust God to work in their lives, our faith was lacking without us realizing it. When Sanjay told us that he and his wife had been sharing the Gospel with their relatives who had a severely mentally disabled son, we listened with awe. The son couldn't speak or do anything for himself, which caused the family to struggle with how to take care of him with no professional help. Our friends told their family that if they believed in Jesus, He would take care of them and everything would be okay.

When I heard this, I thought, I can't believe he said that. Now they're going to become believers just because they want everything to be all right with their son, and then onthing is goinng to happen., God challenged my unbelief with Matthew 19:26.

About a week later, Sanjay's relatives become believers. Within another week, we went with Sanjay to visit this family. To our surprise, the mentally handicapped son was walking around. He could do things for hjimself and could even speak some. It was amazing! What I saw reminded me that nothing is impossible with God!

Father, Increase my Faith today and help me live a life that reflects absolute trust in You. ;Thank You for showing Yourself powerful in the lives of new believers. I ask that many will see Your works and trust in you. In Jesus' Name, AMEN

This reminds me in a way of when Jesus said that we must come to Him with belief as little children.(paraphrased). Children believe anything they are told without question. Jesus expects the same from us. This is why miracles come out of the show of faith.

What really makes me wonder is that there are people right here in our country, the United States where Christianity is supposed to be the cornerstone of our belief system that do not know who God is. Oh, They may have heard of Him, but no one took the time to "teach" them who He was in all His attributes. These people don't understand the word "faith". They aren't like Christians who can step out in faith and say ok God I know that you are going to do this because your Word says you will. They have to "SEE" proof of what God will do first. I guess that's just hard for me because I have believed in God all my life, but even I didn't realize who He was in his Whole Potential. I only started learning that 10 years ago, and I'm still learning. I have learned to look at Him in a "new light". Yes, I heard about Him when I was a child, and went to Sunday school and church regularly. My problem was I looked at Him like He was just a symbol, a picture in a book. Someone far out of my reach. I was not taught that we need to have a "special relationship" with Him. That prayer was just like talking to Him. I was taught these "fancy prayers" that at my age didn't really make sense to me.

I can't help but feel if I had known about Him what I know now, I would not have had to go through a lot of the problems and hardships that I went through and the ones I did have to go through would have been easier to handle.

Good Night and May God Bless!

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Lynette said...

sorry not been here
just stuck in a funk i cant kick yet

but i do have a prayer request

local girl lovely
just found out she is pregnant
she is thrilled

started bleeding last night
went to er
put on bed rest for now


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