Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bible Challenge-Christ's Travels and Ministry

Good Evening Everyone!

I enjoyed the "End of Times" Conference by Irvin R. Baxter last night. It wasn't what I expected, (I expected more material) but I learned a lot just the same as far as the "celebrities and political arena behind the "New World Order" and I'm not talking about "wrestling" either. I bought 4 DVDs that sound really interesting. They were some of His older ones but I got them for $5.00 a piece instead of the 20.00 he was wanting for his "new ones". They are titled, "Israel's Prophecy Revealed, "Prophetic Destiny of the United States, Danger, 2 Billion to Die with in the Next 12 Months?and last but not least, "World War III, Entrance Ramp for the Antichrist. I can't wait to watch them. Ok, enough about that. Now to get back on schedule.
Tonight's Bible Challenge Night, so here goes.

1. Which four books of the Bible chronicle Jesus' life and ministry? (no hint for this one, because it would give the answer away.)

2. True or False: God sent Jesus to judge the world. (John 12:47)

3. When Jesus said one must be born again in order to enter God's kingdom, He was asked, "How can an old person be born again?" Who asked that?"John 3:3-4. I also did my last post about this).

4. On the day Christ gave the twelve apostles some of His miraculous powers, he commanded them to go forth to evangelize and : (Luke 9:1-6)

5. Foretelling His death long in advance, Jesus told His disciples: "If any man will come after me, let him ____________himself, and take up his ______________and follow me." (Matthew 16:24)

6. Why did Zacchaeus invite Jesus to dinner? (Luke 19:1-10)

7. Why is the transfiguration called that? (Matthew 17:1-9, Mark 9:2-9, Luke 9:28-36)

8. With which 2 Old Testament leaders did Jesus speak at the transfiguration?
(Matthew 17:1-3, Mark 9:2-4, Luke 9:28-31)

9. John 11:35 records: "Jesus wept." Why did He weep? (John 11)

10. Jesus told the scribes and the Pharisees they were like "whitewashed ___________". (Matthew 23:27)

Happy Hunting, Good Night, and May God Bless!


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Lynette said...

have a new book to review.....don't let the title throw you ok

Should We Fire God....think you might be interested

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