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Prayer Updates, and a Bible Challenge- Cloak & Dagger

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First, before I get started on my actual post, I want to thank those of you who stop by and check out the "Prayer Line" section of my blog and add some of the names to your prayer lists. I have added some updates. This has been a hard two weeks, as there have been several deaths. I can logically understand when an elderly person passes away,even though it doesn't make their passing any easier, but I tell myself that they have been blessed with a long life. Middle aged people and babies, I have a hard time. I know that God knows what He is doing when not intervening and that He knows what lies down the road of life for each of us, so it never "shakes my faith", but it is still a "hard pill to swallow". Whether it's "life lessons" for us, or to keep a baby or young adult from having to go through a life time of suffering or heartache, or any other reason, and though we KNOW that God is LOVE, it is still hard to accept. Even though I know that we are supposed to "rejoice in the spirit" that our friends and loved ones have made it to their reward and are with Our LORD, it is hard for our human hearts and minds to grasp this feeling. Jude, a young baby had a systemic infection with cardiac involvement and passed shortly after being careflighted to Dallas Children's Hospital. Brother David Hennigan who has been on the Prayer Line ever since I started blogging, passed last week. (That one was especially hard for me because he was my Pastor's close uncle, almost like a dad to him) so it was extremely hard to see how strong my Pastor was trying to be while preaching this morning. A good friend of mine from church, Bill (Bernice) McCurdy passed away a few days ago. My faith is strong. I know that they are all with the LORD now and have no pain or worries. Anyway, thank you for your prayers. I hope that you will continue to pray for their families during this time of sorrow.

Bible Challenge: Cloak And Dagger

1. True or False: Genesis 31 tells the story of Laban tricking Jacob and being forced to flee.

2. The Jericho harlot who concealed Joshua's spies was______________ . (Joshua 2:1)
a) Rahab
b) Sylvia
c) Sylvia's mother
d) Deborah

3. This left-handed judge delivered the Israelites from bondage under the Moabites by assassinating King Eglon with a knife. (Judges 3:12-30)
a) Othniel
b) Ehud
c) Caleb
d) Shamgar

4. What woman was Samson's undoing, revealing to his enemies the source of his great strength? (Judges 16:4-21)

5. King Saul disguised himself and secretly visited a witch at________. (1 Samuel 28:7-25)
a) Philadelphia
b) Endor
c) Marada
d) Zarephath

6. During the bloody upheaval when David succeeded Saul, a man name Joab murdered a man named Abner. Who were they? (2 Samuel 8:16, 1 Samuel 14:50, 2 Samuel 3:27)
a) David and Saul's respective uncles
b) David and Saul's respective army commanders
c) David and Salu's respective armor bearers
d) David and Saul's respective brothers

7. How did Absalom die? (2 Samuel 18: 9-15)
a) he accidentally caught his head in a tree while riding a mule, leaving him hanging
b) Joah, David's general, pierced his heart with darts
c) Joah's armor bearers slew him
d) all of the above

8. True or False: Jeroboam at one point was an outcast living in Egypt, hiding from Solomon. (1 Kings 11:40)

9. What leader vowed to kill Elijah the prophet? bold;">(1 Kings 19:1-2)
a) King Benhadad
b) King Saul
c) Queen Jezebel
d) the Queen of Sheba

10. "The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, neither shall the children be put to death for the fathers: every man shall be put to death for his own sin." This Old Testament law (Deuteronomy 24:16) moderated the wrath of what king when he avenged the murder of his father? (2 Kings 14:1-6)
a) Amaziah
b) Jeroboam
c) Ahaziah
d) Joah

Happy Scripture Hunting! Good Night to All and May God Bless!


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