Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bible Challenge-"Conversions"

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Good Evening to All!

On with our Bible Challenge! Happy Hunting!

1. In the end, King Nebuchadnezzar ruled in a godly manner. First, however, God cast him into the wilderness where: (Daniel 4:33)
a) he worshipped Baal
b) he was without food for forty days
c) he had a near-death experience
d) he nails grew long as bird claws

2. True or False: Jesus Himself never used the term "born again" in revealing how to obtain salvation. (John 3:3)

3. After Peter's message at the Pentecost, how many were baptized? (Acts 2:41) a) 24
b) 240
c) 300
d) 3,000

4.) When Saul/Paul converted, who baptized him? (Acts 9:10-19)
a) Peter
b) John
c) Ananias
d) Barnabas ( pictured at right Jews praying in the synagogue)

5. Paul blinded the false prophet Barjesus for a season and thereby converted what government official? Acts 13:6-12)
a) Cornelius
b)0 Barnabas
c) Cis
d) Sicily

6. Lydia's conversion and baptism took place in________________. (Acts 16: 9-15)
a) Syria
b) Pamphylia
c) Macedonia
d) Sicily

7. What event prompted the jailer at Philippi to convert to Christianity? (Acts 16:25-40)
a) the death of his son
b) the healing of his son
c) an earthquake that decimated his prison and this could have brought about his downfall
d) the appearance of a blinding light and a voice speaking from it.

8. Dionysius and Damaris were converted to Christianity at ______. (Acts 17:22-34)
a) Athens
b) Philadelphia
c) Rome
d) Ephesus

9. As proof of their conversion at Ephesus described in Acts, what did the magicians do?
(Acts 19:19)
(Pictured on right Saducees )
a) tore their clothes
b) burned their magic books
c) fell on their faces three times
d) spoke in tongues

10. In his epistles, Paul commended these believers for the way they had "turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God. " 1Thessalonians 1:9) a) Romans
b) Colossians
c) Thessalonians
d) Hebrews (pictured on right Pharisees)

Have a great evening and May God Bless!



Lynette said...

busy weekend with the pow wow and the grandbabes here.
dont tell curves but i ate my way through the pow wow
and loved it
hope to see you soon

Lauren said...

I took your challenge and here are my answers:
1. D
2. False
3. D
4. C
5.Sergius Paulus
6. C
7. C
8. A
9. B

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