Sunday, October 10, 2010


May I say that I hope that this particular Bible Challenge will peak y'all's interest in what the Bible has to say and will entice you to look up the answers and maybe even start reading and studying it more often. I know that I need to make an adjustment in my schedule and put more time into the Kingdom of God, how about you?

1. As a sign commemorating their crossing of the dried-up Jordan, God commanded the Israelites to build_____________. (Joshua 4:1-9)
a) the Ark of the Covenant
b) a temple at Jericho
c) a temple at Gilgal
d) a monument of twelve stones

2. What did people do in Old Testament days as a sign of ownership? (Ruth 4:7)
a) branded their property
b) staked their claims before the priests at a temple ceremony
c) gave away a shoe
d) exchanged kisses

3. How did God help Gideon select his soldiers to defeat the Midianites? (Judges 7:1-8)
a) by their lineage
b) by the way they drank water
c) by their clothing
d) by their response to a greeting

4. The dying Elisha foretold a triple defeat of Syria by this sign. (2 Kings 13:15-19)
a) the shooting of arrows
b) a cock crowing three times
c) the passage of three days between his prophesy and his death
d) the movement of a sundial shadow

5. To affirm His promise that gravely ill King Hezekiah would live and reign
fifteen more years, God showed him this sign. (2 Kings 20: 8-11)
a) He set back the shadow of a sundial.
b) He suddenly turned Hezekiah's fever to an icy chill
c) He split the stone exterior wall of the king's bed chamber
d) He momentarily transfigured the body of Hezekiah's adviser Isaiah into a blinding light.

6. Which prophet went naked for three years as a warning to Egypt and Ethiopia?
(Isaiah 20:1-3)

a) Elijah
b) Isaiah
c) Ezekiel
d) Hosea

7. When Jesus sent His disciples out to preach, what symbolic act did He tell them to perform as they departed unwelcoming cities? (Matthew 10:14)
a) publicly denouncing the local temple priest
b) publicly washing the feet of the local temple priest
c) refusing to pay alms to beggars at the city gate
d) shaking the dust form their feet

8. Jesus said "an evil and adulterous generation" would be given only "the sign of the prophet Jonas." To what was he referring? (Matthew 12:38-41)
a) Jonah's refusal to obey God, and the subsequent punishment
b) Jonah's willingness to let himself be cast overboard into the stormy sea.
c) Jonah's three days inside the fish, symbolic of Jesus' pending three days of death.
d) Jonah's warning that Nineveh would be destroyed in forty days.

9. Jesus showed the apostle John this clear signal identifying His future betrayer.
( John 13:26)
a) a kiss
b) a washing of the betrayer's feet
c) a silver cup
d) a piece of bread

10. By what sign does the angel mark the 144,000 servants of God in the seventh chapter of Revelation? (Revelation 7:3)
a) a seal on the forehead
b) a tattoo on the back of the hand
c) entering their names in the Book of Life
d) wings

Have Fun, and Happy Hunting!


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Really enjoying your Bible Challenges!

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