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Challenge Answers and A Key Thought --Never Alone

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Good Evening to All!
The answers to the Bible Challenge "Who Was I ? Part 2 are as follows:

1. a) Joseph's master in Egypt (Genesis 39:1)
2. c) Moses and Aaron (Exodus 6:20)
3. a) false goddess the Israelites worshipped (Judges 2:13, 10:6, etc.) 4. c) the wife fo Hosea (Hosea 1:3) 5. d) took spices to Jesus' tomb (Mark16:1)
6. a) Baruch and Jeremiah (Jeremiah 36:26)
7. b) a servant in the home of Mary the mother of John Mark (Acts 12:13)
8. c) first-century Christian teacher and preacher (Acts 18:24-28)
9. b) synagogue leader (Acts 18:12-17)
10. d) a companion of Paul (Acts 19:29, 20:4, 27:2; Colossians 4:10, etc.)
And Jesus being full of the Holy Ghost returned from Jordan, and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness, (2) Being forty days tempted of the devil. And in those days he did eat nothing: and when they were ended, he afterward hungered.
(Luke 4:1-2)


The Holy Spirit was sent back down to us for several reasons. He was sent to teach us. If we will listen to that "still, small , voice inside nudging us to do or not do something, we will learn a lesson from the Holy Spirit. He was sent back down to us to "guide us into ALL TRUTHS. For example if we will pray before reading God's Word, and ask for our hearts and our understanding to be opened, the reading of His Word will have a much deeper meaning to us, because the Holy Spirit will be touching our hearts and helping us to understand as we read. I do this on a regular basis. I have read the Bible through several times, and each time I get a deeper meaning of His Word. I can read the same scripture several times, and each time (if I pray for understanding) I will get a deeper meaning of it. Another reason the Holy Spirit was sent to us was to help us and give us the power we need to be bold enough to witness for God. I would have never had the courage to just talk to people about the Lord. It used to be that even though I "believed", I felt like that was the preacher's and evangelist's job. I was doing my part by even going to church. The more I read the Word, I realized that it was my job as a Christian to witness to people, not as a preacher, but about my own experiences and my joy from God. A little while after I received the Holy Ghost, with His help, I started talking to people. God had given me the gift of "gab", but I had never used it for His glory before, so I was "scared that people would think I was a "Bible Thumper", a religious fanatic, Jesus freak, you pick the name. I finally got my "priorities in order and prayed about and now I'm better about it. I still don't have the ability to just walk up and ask a person "do you know if you will go to heaven or hell if you were to die today?" I know there is a more tactful way of putting that question, and that's why I stick to "conversations. Those, I don't have a problem with. As much as I love talking about the Lord, I let the other person start the conversation, and it may be about a totally different subject, but I can bring it around to Christ. I don't do it. I give the glory to the Holy Spirit.

God has always watched over me, and I know that. Even though I only became a "serious Christian" back in 1999, I know He was watching over me before that. My hubby had a heart attack in '98 and instead of waiting on an ambulance, Don wanted me to drive him to the VA Hospital. I had no idea where I was going, but Don said he would direct me. I did ok for a few minutes, but then he passed out and I was clueless on the directions not only that, but people would not get out of the way and let me through, my horn blaring. and flashers going. Somehow I made it to the hospital and my hubby regained consciousness and Walked into the emergency room where he leaned on the desk until they got him a wheelchair. He died three times on while in the ER. They sent him to a civilian hospital where I stay by his side for 4 days straight, until he was out of danger and sent back the the VA. God was there with me the whole time, comforting me, reassuring me that my hubby would be ok, but I of course was still scared out of my mind and just kept praying. Mind you, I was not a serious Christian at that time, and didn't understand about the Holy Ghost. Yet God's mercy was all around my hubby and myself. I have many stories which I could relate to my relationship with the Holy Spirit, but I will save them for another time.

If we will set our hearts to "listen mode" for the leading the the Holy Ghost, we will be able to hear and Heed it , thereby having potential problems come out in a better light. The Holy Ghost will empower us for the work of God, He will comfort us in our hour of need, He will teach us when we need lessons learned. He will give us strength against the strongholds of Satan's lies and tricks.

If we will follow Jesus' example when He was led out into the wilderness for those 40 days and nights to be tempted by the devil, we will gain so much. Not just lessons learned, but increased faith, and other traits that God wishes for us to have such as God wants each of us to have such as determination, and strength.

Just a few thoughts to remember, "Enduring the difficulties of life will increase your faith and make you a stronger person as well." Ask God for help and He will help you through whatever difficulty you may be going through. God never promised us a bed of roses, but He did promise to help us get through it, IF WE ASK HIM.

Good Night to All and May God Bless! Don't forget to click the above link for the Book Give-Away! Only 2 1/2 more days to enter! There are only 8 entries so far.


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H. Nizam said...

Hi PJ,
It is good to be back here reading your blog updates.
I would like to quote your last sentences :

"Enduring the difficulties of life will increase your faith and make you are stronger person as well."

Ask God for help and He will help
you through whatever difficulty you may be going through. God never promised us a bed of roses, but He did promise to help us get through it, IF WE ASK HIM.

As a normal human being many of
us would be overwhelmed by our "earthly" life, and tend to forget God as our maker.
We come to God only when we are in trouble, and God would help us.

Thank you for sharing.

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